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ven·ture / ˈvenchər/ • n. a risky or daring journey or undertaking: pioneering ventures into little-known waters. ∎  a business enterprise involving considerable risk.• v. [intr.] dare to do something or go somewhere that may be dangerous or unpleasant: she ventured out into the blizzard. ∎  dare to do or say something that may be considered audacious (often used as a polite expression of hesitation or apology): may I venture to add a few comments? I ventured to write to her| [tr.] he ventured the opinion that Putt was now dangerously insane. ∎  [tr.] expose (something) to the risk of loss: his fortune is ventured in an expedition over which he has no control.PHRASES: at a venture archaic trusting to chance rather than to previous consideration or preparation: a man drew a bow at a venture.