Ventura, Moïse

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VENTURA, MOÏSE (1893–1978), rabbi and scholar. Born in Smyrna, Ventura, studied at the rabbinical seminary at Istanbul and at Paris University. In 1938–48 he served as chief rabbi at *Alexandria, *Egypt; lectured at Yeshiva College, New York, 1951–53; and was head of Montefiore College, Ramsgate, England, 1953–55. In 1955 he settled in Israel. Apart from a number of textbooks of Hebrew and religious instruction in French, Ventura wrote Le livre du Kuzari (1932); Le Kalam et le peripatétisme après le Kuzari (1934); and La philosophie de Saadia Gaon (1934). He also prepared a critical edition of the Hebrew text (and part of the Arabic original) of Maimonides' Millot ha-Higgayon (La terminologie logique de Maimonide, with French translation and commentary, glossary, etc., 1935); and published a series of homiletical talks on biblical books and Avot.