Ventura, Michon

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VENTURA, MICHON (1881–1961), lawyer. Born in Istanbul, he graduated in 1905 from the Faculty of Law of Istanbul University. Later on he went to Paris and graduated in 1912 from the Paris Faculty of Law. In 1916 he registered in the Istanbul Bar Association. He was elected as a member of the parliament in 1919 in the last elections to the Ottoman Parliament. He lectured on Roman maritime trade law and philosophy of law at the Faculty of Law of Istanbul University from 1916 to 1934. In 1934 he resigned from his position as he was charged with tax evasion, a charge he denied vehemently. He was a fervent believer in the Turkification of the Jews of Turkey. He wrote Felsefe-i Hukuk (1330/1914); Hukuk-ı Ticariye-i Bahriye (1330/1914); Roma Hukuku. Mekteb-i Hukukun İkinci Senesinde Takrir Olunan Dersler (1330/1916); Mukayese-i Kavanin-i Medeniye (1330/1914); Roma Hukuku Dersinin İmtihan Programı (1330/1916); İsviçre Hukuk-ı Medenisi Vecaib Kısmı (1926); and Roma Hukuku 1 (1934).


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