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sunder phr. in s., asunder, apart XIII. alt. of ASUNDER (OE. onsundran, -um) by substitution of IN1 for ON, partly after ON. ī sundr.
So sunder vb. separate, part. Late OE. sundrian (beside syndrian), for earlier āsundrian, and ġe-, on-, tōsundrian, corr. to OHG. sunt(a)rōn, sund(e)rōn (G. sondern), ON. sundra, f. Gmc. adv. (‘separately’) repr. by OE. sundor, OS. sundar (MLG. sunder; Du. zonder prep.), OHG. suntar (MHG. sunder; G. sonder, with var. sondern but), ON. sundr, Goth. sundrō; f. IE. *su-, repr. also by Skr. sanitúr besides, Gr. háteros (Attic héteros) one of two, and (without t-suffix) L. sine without. So sundry OE. syndriġ separate, special, private, corr. to MLG. sunder(i)ch, OHG. sunt(a)rīc; see -Y1. sundries XIX.

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