Sunday in New York

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Sunday in New York ★★½ 1963

Distraught Eileen (Fonda) heads to New York to seek counsel from her airline pilot brother Adam (Robertson) after she breaks up with fiance Russ (Wilson). Adam is in the middle of setting up a much-interrupted date with sometime-girlfriend Mona, so Eileen wanders around NYC. Soon she meets cute with suave fella Mike on the bus. Romantic comedy complications follow as Russ comes back into the picture. Amusing look at the changing sexual mores of the time must've seemed mildly shocking then, but now seems quaint. Robertson stands out among great cast. 105m/C VHS, DVD . Rod Taylor, Jane Fonda, Cliff Robertson, Robert Culp, Jo Morrow, Jim Backus, Rayford Barnes, Jim Hutton; Cameos: Peter Nero; D: Peter Tewkesbury; W: Norman Krasna; C: Leo Tover; M: Peter Nero.