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pig·gy·back / ˈpigēˌbak/ • n. a ride on someone's back and shoulders.• adv. on the back and shoulders of another person: he had to carry him piggyback. ∎  on top of something else: Dave headed back with the car riding piggyback on his truck.• v. [tr.] carry by or as if by piggyback. ∎  mount on or attach to (an existing object or system): providers of information have piggybacked their own networks onto the system. ∎  [intr.] use existing work or an existing product as a basis or support: we were piggybacking on their training program.• adj. on the back and shoulders of another person: enjoying a piggyback ride. ∎  attached to or riding on a larger object: a telescope with fittings for piggyback cameras and guidescopes | fig. a piggyback income tax, under which taxpayers would pay the state 21 percent of whatever they paid the federal government.

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