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liq·ue·fy / ˈlikwəˌfī/ (also liq·ui·fy) • v. (-fies, -fied) make or become liquid: [tr.] the minimum pressure required to liquefy a gas | [intr.] as the fungus ripens, the cap turns black and liquefies. ∎  convert (solid food) into a liquid or purée, typically by using a blender.DERIVATIVES: liq·ue·fac·tion / ˌlikwəˈfakshən/ n. liq·ue·fac·tive / ˌlikwəˈfaktiv/ adj. liq·ue·fi·a·ble / ˌlikwəˈfīəbəl/ adj. liq·ue·fi·er n.

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