Warenne, John de, 7th earl of Surrey

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Warenne, John de, 7th earl of Surrey (c.1231–1304). Warenne was a staunch supporter of Edward I. He inherited the earldom in 1240 when a boy of 9 or so. He was a little older than Edward I and in 1247 was married to Henry III's half-sister Alice de Lusignan. This gave him connections with Henry's continental relatives who were so much disliked in England. During the civil war he supported Henry and was on the losing royal side at the battle of Lewes in 1264. The following year he joined Prince Edward and took part in the campaign that ended with de Montfort's death at Evesham. He was a guardian during Edward I's absence during the early weeks of his reign, was much employed in the later 1270s and 1280s against the Welsh, and in the 1290s against the Scots. In 1296 he inflicted a sharp defeat on the Scots at Dunbar but the following year was badly beaten by Wallace at Stirling Bridge. He was retained for the 1298 campaign when Edward defeated the Scots at Falkirk.

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