Warenne, John de, 8th earl of Surrey

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Warenne, John de, 8th earl of Surrey (1286–1347). Warenne succeeded his grandfather as earl in 1304 at the age of 18. In 1306 he married Edward I's granddaughter Joan, but the marriage was unhappy and Warenne scarcely built on his great position. He was instrumental in the capture of Gaveston in 1312 though not in his subsequent murder. He refused to join Edward II's campaign which ended in Bannockburn and showed little inclination for martial glory. He took an active part in 1322 against Thomas of Lancaster, with whom he had long been at feud and remained a supporter of Edward II until his deposition. During Edward III's reign, Warenne supported the claims of Edward Balliol, a cousin, and received the earldom of Strathearn [S] from him. Much of his energy was devoted to his complex domestic life and advancing his numerous illegitimate offspring; his political conduct seems hesitant and indecisive.

J. A. Cannon