Holtzendorff, Louis-Casimir, Baron De

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Holtzendorff, Louis-Casimir, Baron De

HOLTZENDORFF, LOUIS-CASIMIR, BARON DE. (1728–?). Continental officer. Prussia-France. He served on the Prussian general staff but was living in Paris by 1775. Silas Deane commissioned Holtzendorff on recommendation by persons "of the first order." On 17 July 1777 Holtzendorff was commissioned lieutenant colonel in the Continental army in accord with Deane's commission, effective 20 November 1776. He served at Brandywine and Germantown. Washington criticized him indirectly by complaining about foreign officers who lacked good English and an understanding of the "genius of our service and men." When he sought Washington's "protection" for a projected book on Prussian military tactics, Washington agreed if it appeared in English. Believing himself unappreciated, Holtzendorff petitioned Congress on 31 December 1777 to return to France on the conditions that expenses be paid and he receive a colonel's commission with pay and privileges. On 30 January 1778 Congress granted him permission to resign and on 21 February agreed to pay his recent debts and travel expenses. Back in France, he was made captain of the Anhalt Regiment on 29 April 1779. Through 1779 he continued futilely to petition Franklin and Vergennes for past expenses. He entered the Dutch service in 1785.

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Holtzendorff, Louis-Casimir, Baron De

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