Holtzmann, Heinrich Julius

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The leading NT scholar of the liberal school of his time in Germany; b. Karlsruhe, June 17, 1832; d. Baden-Baden, Oct. 4, 1910. Holztmann taught at Heidelberg from 1858 to 1874 and at Strassburg from 1874 to 1904. He was an influential scholar and teacher of unusual versatility and productivity. The most important of his numerous works are Kanon und Tradition (Ludwigsburg 1859); Die synoptischen Evangelien (Leipzig 1863); Die Pastoralbriefe (Leipzig 1880); Lehrbuch der historischkritischen Einleitung in das NT (Freiburg 1885; 3d ed. 1892); and Lehrbuch der neutest. Theologie (Freiburg and Tübingen 189697; 2d ed. 1911), his masterpiece. In the series Hand-Commentar zum NT, which he founded and which he edited together with R. A. Lipsius, P. W. Schmiedel, and H. von Soden, he himself wrote Die synopt. Evangelien (Freiburg 1889; 3d ed. 1901), Die Apostelgeschichte (Freiburg 1891; 3d ed. 1901), and Die johanneischen Schriften (Freiburg 1891; 3d ed., ed. W. Bauer 1908). He was also the editor of volumes 12 to 19 of the Theol. Jahresbericht (189299).

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Holtzmann, Heinrich Julius

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