United Nations Declaration

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UNITED NATIONS DECLARATION. Soon after Japan's attack on Pearl Harbor (7 December 1941), British Prime Minister Winston Churchill hastened to Washington, D.C., and with President Franklin D. Roosevelt announced a "Declaration by United Nations," open to all nations, the signatories to which constituted a military alliance against "Hitlerism." In the declaration, the signatories affirmed the principles of the Atlantic Charter (1941) and pledged to employ their full economic and military resources against the Axis powers. They also vowed not to make separate armistice or peace agreements with enemy. The Declaration marks the first official use of the term "United Nations." It was signed 1 January 1942, by the United States (making its first military alliance since the alliance with France in 1778), the United Kingdom, and twenty-four other nations.


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Charles S. Campbell

United Nations Declaration

The Governments signatory hereto,

Having subscribed to a common program of purposes and principles embodied in the Joint Declaration of the President of the United States of America and the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland dated August 14, 1941, known as the Atlantic Charter.

Being convinced that complete victory over their enemies is essential to defend life, liberty, independence and religious freedom, and to preserve human rights and justice in their own lands as well as in other lands, and that they are now engaged in a common struggle against savage and brutal forces seeking to subjugate the world Declare :

  1. Each government pledges itself to employ its full resources, military or economic, against those members of the Tripartite Pact and its adherents with which such government is at war.
  2. Each Government pledges itself to co-operate with the Governments signatory hereto and not to make a separate armistice or peace with the enemies.

The foregoing declaration may be adhered to by other nations as which are, or which may be, rendering material assistance and contributions in the struggle for victory over Hitlerism.