Sallinen, Aulis (Heikki)

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Sallinen, Aulis (Heikki) (b Salmi, Finland, 1935). Finn. composer. Manager, Finnish Radio SO 1960–70. Teacher, Sibelius Acad. 1965–81. Became Finn. Government's first Prof. of Arts for Life, 1981. Comps. incl.:

OPERAS:The Horseman (Ratsumies) (1973–4);The Red Line (Punainen viiva) (1976–8);The King Goes Forth to France (Kuningas lähtee Ranskaan) (1983);Kullervo (1987–8);The Palace (1994–5).BALLETS:Midsommernatten (from sym. No.3) (1983);Secret of Heavens (Himlens hemlighet) (from syms. Nos. 1, 3, and 4) (1986).ORCH.:syms.: No.1 (1971), No.2 (Symphonic Dialogue), perc., orch. (1972), No.3 (1974–5), No.4 (1979), No.5 (Washington Mosaics) (1985), No.6 (from a New Zealand Diary) (1989–90);Concerto for Chamber Orch. (1960);Funeral Music (1962);Variations (1963);Chamber Music I, str. (1975), II, fl., str. (1976), III (The Nocturnal Dances of Don Juanquixote), vc., str. (1986);vn. conc. (1968);vc. conc (1976);Shadows (1982);Fanfare, ww., brass (1986);Sunrise Serenade, 2 tpt., pf., str. (1989);fl. conc. (1994–5).CHORAL & VOCAL:Suita grammaticale, children's ch., chamber orch. (1971);4 Dream Songs, sop., orch. (1972);Songs from the Sea, unacc. children's ch. (1974);Dies Irae, sop., bass, male ch., orch. (1978);Song Around a Song, unacc. children's ch. (1980);suite, The Iron Age, sop., children's ch., ch., orch. (1983);The Beaufort Scale, unacc. ch. (1984).CHAMBER MUSIC:str. qts.: No.1 (1958), No.2 (Canzona) (1960), No.3 (Some Aspects of Peltomiemi Hintrik's Funeral March) (1969; also for str. orch.), No.4 (Quiet Songs) (1971), No.5 (Pieces of Mosaic) (1983);Elegy for Sebastian Knight, vc. (1964);Quattro per Quattro, ob. (or fl. or cl.), vn., vc., hpd. (1965);Cadenze, vn. (1965);4 Études, vn., pf. (1970);Chorali, 2 perc., hp., cel. (1970);solo vc. sonata (1971);Metamorfora, vc., pf. (1974);Canto and Ritornello, vn. (1975);Echoes from a Play, ob., str. qt. (1990);From a Swan Song, vc., pf. (1991).SONGS:Simple Simon and his Dog, bar., pf. (1978);Man, is-nothing, is-no-one, bar., pf. (1978).KEYBOARD:Notturno, pf. (1966);Chaconne, org. (1970).


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Aulis the port in Boeotia where Agamemnon offered his daughter Iphigenia as a sacrifice to Artemis when the Greek fleet was becalmed on the way to Troy.