Passeriformes (continued)

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Passeriformes (continued)

Family: Broadbills
Family: False Sunbirds and Asities
Family: Pittas
Family: New Zealand Wrens
Family: Ovenbirds
Family: Woodcreepers
Family: Ant Thrushes
Family: Tapaculos
Family: Tyrant Flycatchers
Family: Sharpbills
Family: Manakins
Family: Cotingas
Family: Plantcutters
Family: Lyrebirds
Family: Scrub-Birds
Family: Larks
Family: Swallows
Family: Pipits and Wagtails
Family: Cuckoo-Shrikes
Family: Bulbuls
Family: Fairy Bluebirds and Leafbirds
Family: Shrikes
Family: Vanga Shrikes
Family: Waxwings and Silky Flycatchers
Family: Palmchats
Family: Hedge Sparrows
Family: Thrashers and Mockingbirds
Family: Dippers
Family: Thrushes and Chats
Family: Babblers
Family: Wrens
Family: Old World Warblers Family: Old World Flycatchers
Family: Australian Fairy-Wrens
Family: Australian Warblers
Family: Australian Chats
Family: Logrunners and Chowchillas
Family: Quail Thrushes and Whipbirds
Family: Fantails
Family: Monarch Flycatchers
Family: Australian Robins
Family: Whistlers
Family: Pseudo Babblers
Family: Australian Creepers
Family: Long-Tailed Titmice
Family: Penduline Titmice
Family: Titmice and Chickadees
Family: Nuthatches and Wall Creepers
Family: Treecreepers
Family: Philippine Creepers
Family: Flowerpeckers
Family: Pardalotes
Family: Sunbirds
Family: White-Eyes
Family: Australian Honeyeaters
Family: Vireos and Peppershrikes
Family: New World Finches
Family: New World Warblers
Family: New World Blackbirds and Orioles
Family: Finches
Family: Hawaiian Honeycreepers
Family: Waxbills and Grassfinches
Family: Weavers
Family: Sparrows
Family: Starlings and Mynas
Family: Old World Orioles and Figbirds
Family: Drongos
Family: New Zealand Wattle Birds
Family: Mudnest Builders
Family: Woodswallows
Family: Magpie-Shrikes
Family: Bowerbirds
Family: Birds of Paradise
Family: Crows and Jays

(Perching birds)

Class Aves

Order Passeriformes

Number of families Approximately 74

Number of genera, species Approximately 1,161 genera and 5,700 species

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Overview of Order Passeriformes