Passing Glory

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Passing Glory ★★★ 1999

The script may not be a three-pointer but the acting is a slam-dunk in this fact-based drama. Joseph Verrett (Braugher) is a black priest in segregationist New Orleans in the early ‘60s, teaching at St. Augustine High and coaching the school's unbeaten varsity basketball squad. Verrett is a go-getter who wants to integrate the league now, while his boss, Father Robert Grant (Torn) preaches patience. Despite numerous obstacles, Verrett manages to challenge white Jesuit High to an unofficial city championship game. 94m/C VHS . Andre Braugher, Rip Torn, Bill Nunn, Sean Squire, Ruby Dee, Daniel Hugh-Kelly, Anderson Bourell, Khalil Kain; D: Steve James; W: Harold Sylvester; C: Bill Butler; M: Stephen James Taylor. CABLE