Passion of Christ

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486. Passion of Christ (See also Christ.)

  1. agony in the garden Christ confronts His imminent death. [N.T.: Matthew 26:3645; Mark 14:3241]
  2. cock its crowing reminded Peter of his betrayal. [N.T.: John 18:27]
  3. Cross, the upon which Christ was crucified. [N.T.: Matthew 27:3150]
  4. crown of thorns placed upon Christs head after scourging. [N.T.: John 19:2]
  5. Deposition Christ is taken from the cross and enshrouded. [N.T.: Matthew 27:5760; Christian Art: Appleton, 55]
  6. dice cast by Roman guards for Christs robe. [N.T.: Matthew 27:35]
  7. Eloi, Eloi, lama sabachthani? My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me? Jesuss cry at the ninth hour. [N.T.: Mark 15:34]
  8. Entry into Jerusalem first scene of Passion cycle in painting. [Art: Hall, 114]
  9. gall sponge soaked with it given to crucified Jesus. [N.T.: Matthew 26:48]
  10. Gethsemane scene of Christs agony over impending death. [N.T.: Matthew 26:3645; Mark 14:3241]
  11. Golgotha (Calvary ) site of Christs crucifixion. [N.T.: Matthew 27:32]
  12. hammer Christian symbol for martyrdom, crucifixion. [Christian Symbolism: Jobes, 391, 716]
  13. kiss means by which Judas identified Jesus. [N.T.: Matthew 26:4850]
  14. ladder stood upon by Joseph to remove nails holding Christ to the cross. [Christian Symbolism: Appleton, 55]
  15. lantern held by Judas, leading officers to Christ. [N.T.: John 18:3]
  16. Passion Play dramatic presentation of Christs Passion, notably the production at Oberammergau. [Medieval Drama: Benét, 763]
  17. Peters denial Peter denies Christ three times. [N.T.: Matthew 26: 6775]
  18. pillar and cord depicted Christs scourging. [Christian Symbolism: Appleton, 76]
  19. scourges instruments of Christs flagellation. [Christian Symbolism: N.T.: Matthew 27:26]
  20. seamless robe Christs garment, wagered for by Roman soldiers. [N.T.: John 19:2324]
  21. Simon the Cyrenean bystander compelled to carry Christs cross. [N.T.: Matthew 27:32]
  22. spear weapon plunged into Jesuss side during crucifixion. [N.T.: John 19:34]
  23. Stations of the Cross depictions of episodes of Christs death. [Christianity: Brewer Dictionary, 1035]
  24. stigmata wounds of Christ appearing on others. [Christian Hagiog.: Attwater, 136, 146, 211]
  25. 30 pieces of silver price Judas was paid for identifying Christ. [N.T.: Matthew 26:15]
  26. three nails used to crucify Jesus. [Christian Symbolism: Appleton, 67]
  27. vernicle Veronicas veil with Jesuss facial image. [Christian Symbolism: Appleton, 107]
  28. Via Dolorosa Christs route to Calvary. [Christianity: Brewer Dictionary, 112]
  29. vinegar given to Jesus to drink. [N.T.: Matthew 26:34, 48]
  30. whipping post scene of Christs scourging. [N.T.: Matthew 15:15]