Russ, William 1950(?)- (Rusty Russ)

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Russ, William 1950(?)- (Rusty Russ)


Born October 20, 1950 (some sources cite 1951), in Portsmouth, VA; father a naval officer; children: (with actress Clare Wren) Georgia, a son. Education: University of Michigan, graduated; trained at Neighborhood Playhouse. Avocational Interests: Downhill skiing, high-wind wind-surfing.


Agent—Bresler Kelly and Associates, 11500 West Olympic Blvd., Suite 352, Los Angeles, CA 90064.


Actor. Arena Stage Theatre Company, Washington, DC, member of company, 1978-79; Ann Arbor Mime Troupe, Ann Arbor, MI, member of European touring company. Also worked as welder, bartender, cab driver, and waiter.

Awards, Honors:

Independent Spirit Award nomination, best male lead, Independent Features Project/West, 1992, for Pastime.


Television Appearances; Series:

Burt McGowan, Another World (also known as Another World: Bay City), NBC, 1978.

Roger LoCocco, a recurring role, Wiseguy, CBS, 1988-90.

Redmond Dunne, Capital News (also known as Power House and Powerhouse), ABC, 1990.

Alan, ABC TGIF, 1990.

Terry Hannon, Middle Ages, 1992.

Alan Matthews, Boy Meets World, ABC, 1993-2000.

Tommy Doyle, Mister Sterling, NBC, 2003.

Television Appearances; Movies:

J. O. Powell, Crisis at Central High, CBS, 1981.

Frank Heller, Rehearsal for Murder, CBS, 1982.

J. D. Smith, Command 5, ABC, 1985.

Josh, Second Serve (also known as I Change My Life), CBS, 1986.

William "Will" Travis, Houston: The Legend of Texas (also known as Gone to Texas), CBS, 1986.

Lieutenant Ben Farlow, Nasty Boys, NBC, 1989.

Carl Goodrich, A Promise to Keep (also known as Angels without Wings and Promises to Keep), NBC, 1990.

Coach Dewey Whitcomb, Crazy from the Heart, 1991.

Boll Donner, Drive Like Lightning, 1992.

Jack French, Sexual Advances, 1992.

Bill West, Big Dreams & Broken Hearts: The Dottie West Story, CBS, 1995.

David Cook, Trail of Tears, NBC, 1995.

Van Stein, Have You Seen My Son?, ABC, 1996.

Art Maskin, A Strange Affair (also known as A Husband, a Wife, and a Lover), CBS, 1996.

Detective Tyler Barnes, When Danger Follows You Home, NBC, 1997.

George Marsh, Replacing Dad, CBS, 1998.

Joseph Bonaduce, Come On, Get Happy: The Partridge Family Story, NBC, 1999.

Marc Whitman, The Test of Love, CBS, 1999.

David Robbins, Blackout, CBS, 2001.

Hank McCallister, Finding John Christmas, CBS, 2003.

Television Appearances; Miniseries:

Brad, V (also known as V: The Original Mini Series), 1983.

Jody Varner, The Long Hot Summer, NBC, 1985.

Lloyd Murdoch, Blood & Orchids, CBS, 1986.

Sheriff Steiger, Night Sins, CBS, 1997.

Television Appearances; Pilots:

Detective Wes Connelly, Crime Story, NBC, 1986.

Jake Willis, The Loner, ABC, 1988.

Redmond Dunne, Capital News, ABC, 1990.

Jim Malone, Bay City Story (also known as Deadline), ABC, 1992.

Alan Matthews, Boy Meets World, ABC, 1993.

Mr. Townsend, Viper, NBC, 1994.

Loyal Truscott, The Marshal, ABC, 1995.

68, ABC, 1999.

Phil Patterson, Silver Lake, UPN, 2004.

Senator Carney, Demons, CBS, 2007.

Television Appearances; Specials:

Rattlesnake, "Robbers, Rooftops, and Witches," CBS Library, CBS, 1982.

Coach Jim Doane, "Other Mothers," CBS Schoolbreak Special, CBS, 1993.

Television Appearances; Episodic:

Scroggins, "The New Dukes," The Dukes of Hazzard, 1982.

Chance McCormick, "Steele's Gold," Remington Steele, 1983.

Evan Freed, "Evan," Miami Vice, 1985.

Jack Lachman, "Fire Man," Hunter, 1985.

Mack McPherson, "Polly Want an Explanation," Riptide, 1985.

Patrick O'Casey, "Time Heals: Parts 1 & 2," St. Elsewhere, 1986.

Detective Wes Connelly, "Crime Pays," Crime Story, NBC, 1986.

Sergeant Earl Ray Michaels, "War Lover," Tour of Duty, 1987.

"Daisy," The Young Riders, 1991.

Brad Fixx, "Truth and Consequences," Gabriel's Fire, 1991.

Gordon, Likely Suspects, 1992.

Jack Randolph, "Socrates' Sister," The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr. (also known as Briscoe County Jr.), Fox, 1993.

(Uncredited) Rusty Thomas, "Brothers and Sisters," SeaQuest DSV (also known as SeaQuest 2032), 1993.

Wild Bill Hickok, "The Life, Death, and Life of Wild Bill Hickok," Legend, UPN, 1995.

Scott Lamont (The Monk), "Trackdown," Nash Bridges (also known as Bridges), CBS, 1996.

Captain Jonas Hansen, "The First Commandment," Stargate SG-1 (also known as La porte des etoiles), 1997.

Michael Bassett, "Two's a Crowd," Ally McBeal, Fox, 2000.

Michael Bassett, "Without a Net," Ally McBeal, Fox, 2000.

Agent John Colter, "A Price to Pay," Level 9, UPN, 2000.

Professor Thomas North, "Holy of Holies," Touched by an Angel, CBS, 2001.

Jesse Whalen, "Shelby," The Division (also known as Heart of the City), Lifetime, 2002.

District Attorney Jack Olson, "There's No Place like Home," Crossing Jordan, NBC, 2002.

James Wiles, "A la Casa," MDs, ABC, 2002.

Elliot Ayers, "City of Strivers," Robbery Homicide Division (also known as R.H.D./L.A.: Robbery Homicide Division/Los Angeles), CBS, 2002.

Ted Paris, "Redemption," Dragnet (also known as L.A. Dragnet), ABC, 2003.

Reverend Deeker, "Sleeping Lions," The Brotherhood of Poland, New Hampshire, CBS, 2003.

Otis Russell, "Jewel's Boot Is Made for Walking," Deadwood, HBO, 2004.

Otis Russell, "Sold under Sin," Deadwood, HBO, 2004.

Mr. Prescott, "Creatures of the Night," CSI: NY, CBS, 2004.

Major General Earl Watson, "Fighting Words," JAG, CBS, 2004.

Major General Earl Watson, "This Just In from Baghdad, " JAG, CBS, 2004.

Hal Matheson, "I Love My Wives, but Oh You Kid," NYPD Blue, ABC, 2004.

Dan, "Message of the Week," The West Wing, NBC, 2005.

Max Cassidy, "Freefall," Without a Trace (also known as W.A.T.), CBS, 2005.

Attorney Christopher Palmer, "A Whiff and a Prayer," Boston Legal, ABC, 2005.

Paul Calviano, "Moe n' Joe," The Sopranos, HBO, 2006.

"The Bar," Just Legal, The WB, 2006.

Bill Bristow, "Dead to Rights," Ghost Whisperer, CBS, 2007.

Assistant district attorney Christopher Palmer, "The Bride Wore Blood," Boston Legal, ABC, 2007.

Michael Shannon, "Money for Nothing," Numb3rs (also known as Num3ers), CBS, 2007.

Television Appearances; Other:

Mark Whitman, A Secret Life (also known as Breach of Trust), 2000.

Television Director; Episodic:

"Poetic License: An Ode to Holden Caulfield," Boy Meets World, ABC, 1998.

(As Rusty Russ) "My Dinner with Dig," Lizzie McGuire, Disney Channel, 2003.

Film Appearances:

(As Rusty Russ) Sharon's brother, Death Bed: The Bed that Eats, 1977.

Demesta, Just You and Me, Kid, Columbia, 1979.

Paul Gaines, Cruising (also known as William Friedkin's "Cruising"), United Artists, 1980.

Jimbo, The Border, Universal, 1981.

Little Dick Raidler, Cattle Annie and Little Britches, Universal, 1981.

Slick Goodlin, The Right Stuff, Warner Bros., 1983.

Sonny, Raw Courage (also known as Courage), New World, 1984.

Merle Draggett, Beer (also known as The Selling of America), Orion, 1985.

Danny Quintz, Wanted: Dead or Alive, New World, 1987.

Rob Sweeney, Dead of Winter, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, 1987.

Luke, The Unholy, Vestron, 1988.

Nick Bartkowski, Disorganized Crime (also known as Disorganised Crime), Buena Vista, 1989.

Roy Dean Bream, Pastime (also known as One Cup of Coffee), Miramax, 1991.

Michael Dobson, Traces of Red, Samuel Goldwyn Films, 1992.

Dave Ritchie, Aspen Extreme, Buena Vista, 1993.

Dennis Vinyard, American History X, New Line Cinema, 1998.

(Uncredited) Life As a House, New Line Cinema, 2001.

Ranger Lightcap, Buck Naked Arson (also known as Eyes of Fire: Feel the Heat and Grad Night), Velocity Home Entertainment, 2001.

Stage Appearances:

J. J., The Last Christians, New Dramatists Theatre, 1975.

Roadie, groupie, and other roles, Kid Champion, New York Shakespeare Festival, Anspacher Theatre, Public Theatre, New York City, 1975.

Cody, Visions of Kerouac, Lion Theatre Company, 1976.

Cody, Kerouac, New Dramatists Theatre, 1976.

Peter Cope, The Shortchanged Review, New York Shakespeare Festival, Mitzi E. Newhouse Theatre, New York City, 1976.

Zan, G. R. Point, Marymount Manhattan Theatre, New York City, 1977.

Cracks, Playwrights Horizons Theatre, Queens Festival Theatre, New York City, 1977.

Bradley, Buried Child, Theatre De Lys, New York City, 1978-79.

Murph, Ice, Manhattan Theatre Club, New York City, 1979.

Buck, The Chisholm Trail Went through Here, Manhattan Theatre Club, 1981.

Cooper, Ghosts of the Loyal Oaks, Workshop of the Players Art Theatre, New York City, 1981.

Mickey "Spider" McGuire, The Brixto Recovery, South Street Theatre, New York City, 1982.

Cassius, Julius Caesar, Alliance Theatre Company, Atlanta, GA, 1983-84.

Neil Toomey, Ghost on Fire, La Jolla Playhouse, La Jolla, CA, 1986.

Eilert Louborg, Hedda Gabler, La Jolla Playhouse, 1988.