Shannon, Michael 1946- (Michael J. Shannon, Michael J Shannon)

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Shannon, Michael 1946- (Michael J. Shannon, Michael J Shannon)


Born in 1946, in Chicago, IL; married Vickery Turner (an actress; died, April 4, 2006).




Film Appearances:

Purcell, Shoot It Black, Shoot It Blue, Levitt-Pickman, 1974.

(As Michael J. Shannon) Lieutenant Davis, That Lucky Touch (also known as Bleib mir ja vom leib), Allied Artists Pictures, 1975.

Peter, Never Never Land, Sharp Features, 1980.

(As Michael J. Shannon) President's aide, Superman II, Warner Bros., 1980.

Philip Ames, Sheena (also known as Sheena: Queen of the Jungle), Columbia, 1984.

Bishop Holmes, Death of an Angel, Twentieth Century-Fox, 1986.

(As Michael J. Shannon) Television reporter, Little Shop of Horrors, Warner Bros., 1986.

Neil Turkle, Nervous Energy, 1995.

(Uncredited) Voice, Balto, Universal, 1995.

Old luvvie, Beginner's Luck, Guerilla Films, Ltd., 2001.

(As Michael J. Shannon) Jerry, American Gun, IFC Films, 2005.

(As Michael J. Shannon) President's aide, Superman II (also known as "Superman II": The Richard Donner Cut), Warner Bros., 2006.

Television Appearances; Series:

Jim McCarren, Search for Tomorrow, CBS, 1971-72.

Dr. Bill Hoffman, All My Children, ABC, 1972.

Carl "Tubes" Benson, Rock Follies, ITV, 1976.

Officer Haven, Future Cop, ABC, 1977-78.

Major Jim Kiley, We'll Meet Again, ITV, 1982.

Jack Daniels, A Very Peculiar Place, BBC, 1986.

Milton Macrae, The Peter Principle (also known as The Boss), BBC, 1997.

Robert, A Legend to Ride (also known as 13, ratsastaja, 13th Rider, and Pony Track), 1997.

Television Appearances; Miniseries:

Freddie Gebhard, Lillie, BBC, 1978.

Patrick Callahan, The Best Place to Be, NBC, 1979.

Jack Fisher, The Two Mrs. Grenvilles, NBC, 1987.

(As Michael J. Shannon) Poor Little Rich Girl: The Barbara Hutton Story, NBC, 1987.

Toby Dehring, Anything More Would Be Greedy, 1989.

David, The Big Battalions, 1992.

(As Michael J. Shannon) Jake Hunter, Prime Suspect 3 (also known as Prime Suspect 3: The Keeper of Souls), ITV and PBS, 1993.

Maxwell, Scarlett, CBS, 1994.

(As Michael J. Shannon) Dr. Duncan, Only Love (also known as Erich Segal's "Only Love"), CBS, 1998.

Television Appearances; Movies:

Second to the Right on Till Morning, ITV, 1979.

(As Michael J. Shannon) Edward Boyne, Afterward, 1985.

Senator John Tunney, The Ted Kennedy Jr. Story, NBC, 1986.

Bruce Nelson, The Ladies, NBC, 1987.

Frank Osbourne, Out of the Shadows, Showtime, 1988.

Ivanov, Murder on the Moon (also known as Murder by Moonlighting and Murder in Space), CBS, 1989.

Grover, Tailspin: Behind the Korean Airliner Tragedy (also known as Coded Hostile), HBO, 1989.

Chapinski, Pride and Extreme Prejudice, USA Network, 1990.

Blackbeard, Merlin of the Crystal Cave, BBC, 1991.

(As Michael J. Shannon) Senator Scanlon, Royce, Showtime, 1994.

(As Michael J. Shannon) U.S. ambassador, Fatherland, HBO, 1994.

Denis Prince, Paparazzo, ITV, 1995.

(As Michael J. Shannon) Martin Schraeder, Night Watch (also known as Alistair MacLean's "Night Watch" and Detonator 2: Night Watch), USA Network, 1995.

Captain Ford, The Affair, 1995.

Admiral, Hostile Waters (also known as Im fahrwasser des todes and Peril en mer), HBO, 1997.

Graham, 30 Years to Life, UPN, 1998.

Brayton Jennings, You've Got a Friend, 2007.

Television Appearances; Pilots:

Haven, Future Cop (movie), ABC, 1976.

John Haven, Cops and Robin (movie), NBC, 1978.

Robert Harwell, Behind Enemy Lines (movie; also known as 92 Grosvenor Street), NBC, 1985.

Milton Macrae, The Peter Principle (also known as The Boss), BBC, 1995.

Television Appearances; Episodic:

Milton Webber, "Grail and Platter," The Hanged Man, 1975.

"Here a Spy, There a Spy," The Feather and Father Gang, ABC, 1977.

Bradley, "Rogue's Gallery," Target, BBC, 1978.

Cameron, "The Boy Who Knew Her Secret: Parts 1 & 2," Wonder Woman (also known as The New Adventures of Wonder Woman and The New Original Wonder Woman), CBS, 1979.

Tim Stone, "Rosemary for Remembrance," Charlie's Angels, ABC, 1979.

Mac McIvor, "Gambling," Lou Grant, CBS, 1979.

Ben Catron, "If the Glass Slipper Fits," Eight is Enough, ABC, 1981.

Brice Landis, "Honkytonk," Riker, CBS, 1981.

(As Michael J. Shannon) "Perfect Shadows," BBC2 Playhouse, BBC2, 1983.

(As Michael J. Shannon) Dr. Sutro, "Smart Aleck Kill," Philip Marlowe, Private Eye, HBO, 1983.

Morrison, The Paper Chase: The Second Year, Showtime, 1983.

"Afterward," Shades of Darkness, PBS, 1984.

"The Setup," Partners in Crime (also known as 50/50), ITV and PBS, 1984.

Frank Bigelow, "Now You Steele It, Now You Don't," Remington Steele, NBC, 1985.

Dr. Claude Dreyer, "Out-of-Town Blues," Simon & Simon, CBS, 1985.

Dr. Scardelli, "The Eyes Have It," Scarecrow and Mrs. King, CBS, 1986.

Balloon vender, "Heaven on Earth," Highway to Heaven, NBC, 1986.

(As Michael J. Shannon) Carl Conrad, "The Burning: Parts 1 & 2," Dempsey & Makepeace, ITV, 1986.

Randy Anderson, "The Grey Team," The A-Team, NBC, 1986.

(As Michael J. Shannon) Peter Shelley, "Sickness and Health," Boon, ITV, 1989.

(As Michael J. Shannon) J. Baker Wood, "Double Sin," Poirot (also known as Agatha Christie's "Poirot"), ITV and PBS, 1990.

Josie, 1991.

Patrick Mulligan, Angel Street, CBS, 1992.

(As Michael J. Shannon) Oswald Clark, "Maigret and the Hotel Majestic," Maigret, Granada, 1993.

(As Michael J. Shannon) Dr. Henry Jansen, "Flash," Space Precinct, syndicated, 1995.

(As Michael J. Shannon) Ed Murrow, "Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea," Goodnight Sweetheart, BBC, 1995.

(As Michael J. Shannon) John F. Kennedy, "Tikka to Ride," Red Dwarf, BBC, 1997.

Merle, Early Edition, CBS, 1997.

Stryker, "Phoenix," CI5: The New Professionals, syndicated, 1999.

General Plesac, "War Stories," JAG, CBS, 1999.

General Plesac, "Baby, It's Cold Outside," JAG, CBS, 2001.

(As Michael J. Shannon) "Dead in the Water," Crossing Jordan, NBC, 2004.

Ashley Tutt, The Riches, FX Channel, 2006.

Stage Appearances:

Cass, Shoppers Carried by Escalators into the Flames, Dimson Theatre, New York City, 2002.

Shannon, Michael 1974- (Mike Shannon)

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Shannon, Michael 1974- (Mike Shannon)


Born in 1974, in Lexington, KY.


Agent—SDB Partners, 1801 Avenue of the Stars, suite 902, Los Angeles, CA 90067. Manager—Wetzel Management, 200 Park Ave. South, 8th Floor, New York, NY 10001. Contact—A Red Orchid Theatre, 151 N. Wells St., Chicago, IL 60610.



Awards, Honors:

Lucille Lortel Award nomination, outstanding lead actor, League of off-Broadway Theatres and Producers, 2004, for Bug.


Film Appearances:

Fred Kleiser, Groundhog Day, Columbia, 1993.

Flower delivery man, Chain Reaction, Twentieth Century-Fox, 1996.

Crack head, Chicago Cab (also known as Hellcab), Castle Hill Productions, 1998.

Jimmy, The Ride, 1999.

(As Mike Shannon) Dundun, Jesus' Son, Lions Gate Films, 1999.

Mulitt (short), 2000.

(As Mike Shannon) Petie, Cecil B. DeMented, Artisan Entertainment, 2000.

Sergeant Filmore, Tigerland, Twentieth Century-Fox, 2000.

Lieutenant Gooz Wood, Pearl Harbor (also known as Pearl Harbour), Buena Vista, 2001.

Stanton, New Port South, Buena Vista, 2001.

Aaron, Vanilla Sky, Paramount, 2001.

Troy Abbott, High Crimes, Twentieth Century-Fox, 2002.

Greg Buehl, 8 Mile, Universal, 2002.

Frankie Lombardo, Kangaroo Jack, Warner Bros., 2003.

Floyd Poteet, Bad Boys II (also known as Good Cops: Bad Boys II), Columbia, 2003.

Larry Oster-Berg, Grand Theft Parsons, Swipe Films, 2003.

Rosen, The Woodsman, Newmarket Films, 2004.

Walt, Zamboni man, Zamboni Man (short), 2004.

Gene, Criminal, Warner Independent Pictures, 2004.

Clyde, Dead Birds, 2004.

Bobby Matherson, Water, 2004.

Himself, Showboat & Boonie (documentary short), Sony Pictures Entertainment, 2005.

Himself, Making "Dead Birds" (documentary short), Columbia TriStar Home Video, 2005.

Himself, The Making of "World Trade Center" (documentary), Paramount Home Entertainment, 2006.

John, Marvelous, 2006.

Peter Evans, Bug, Lions Gate Films, 2006.

Dave Karnes, World Trade Center, Paramount, 2006.

Lynard, Let's Go to Prison, Universal, 2006.

Son Hayes, Shotgun Stories, Vertigo Films, 2007.

Murl, Blackbird, 2007.

Ray Zumbro, Lucky You, Warner Bros., 2007.

Dex, Before the Devil Knows You're Dead, ThinkFilm, 2007.

Television Appearances; Movies:

Brayton Jennings, You've Got a Friend, Hallmark Channel, 2007.

Television Appearances; Pilots:

Patrick Mulligan, Angel Street (movie), CBS, 1992.

Young man, Overexposed (movie), ABC, 1992.

Man number one, Turks, CBS, 1999.

Television Appearances; Episodic:

(As Mike Shannon) Mr. Andrews, "Take Me Out to the Ballgame," Early Edition, CBS, 1999.

Avery Shaw, "Quarry," Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (also known as Law & Order: SVU and Special Victims Unit), NBC, 2005.

Student, "Galileo and the Sinful Spyglass," Man, Moment, Machine, 2007.

Stage Appearances:

Bug, Gate Theatre, London, 1996.

Chris Smith, Killer Joe, Soho Playhouse, New York City, 1998.

Peter Evans, Bug, Barrow Street Theatre, New York City, 2004.

The Pillowman, Steppenwolf Theatre Company, Chicago, IL, 2006.

Grace, Northlight Theatre, Chicago, IL, 2006.

Also appeared in Winterset, Illinois Theatre Center, Park Forest, IL; Woyzeck, West End production, London; Killer Joe, West End production, London; as Harry Brown, Man from Nebraska, Steppenwolf Theatre, Chicago, IL; Eddie, Gargarin Way, Red Orchid Theatre, Chicago, IL.

Stage Director:

Directed Hunger and Thirst, Red Orchid Theatre, Chicago, IL.

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