Michael of Maleinos, St.

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Hermit and monastic founder; b. Charsianon, Cappadocia, 894; d. Mt. Kymina, Bithynia. Related to the imperial family, he was reared at the Byzantine court under the name of Manuel. As a young man he became a monk at the monastery of Kymina (912), from which he withdrew (918) to solitary life on a cliff, and to a desert the following year. In 921 he founded a monastery at Xerolimni (Gerolimni) in Bithynia. He returned to Kymina (c. 925), and was ordained (930). Michael was the spiritual father of St. athanasius the athonite.

Feast: July 12 (West); July 22 (East).

Bibliography: Acta Sanctorum July 3:289. h. delehaye, Analecta Bollandiana 24 (1905) 491492. h. g. beck, Kirche und theologische Literatur im byzantinischen Reich (Munich 1959) 824.

[m. c. hilferty]

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Michael of Maleinos, St.

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