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Michael, Christopher (Christopher Lee Michael)



Actor. Also worked as a personal assistant to actors.


Screen Actors Guild, Actors' Equity Association, American Federation of Television and Radio Artists.


Film Appearances:

Radio station executive, The Escapist (also known as Modern Day Houdini), 1983.

Big, South Bronx Heroes (also known as Revenge of the Innocents and The Runaways), Continental Video, 1985.

(As Christopher Lee Michael) Marine, Heartbreak Ridge, Warner Bros., 1986.

Bailiff, New Jack City, Warner Bros., 1991.

First police officer, House Party 2, New Line Cinema, 1991.

Cherry Hill police officer, There Goes the Neighborhood (also known as Paydirt), Paramount, 1992.

Izzy, Posse, Gramercy, 1993.

Night police officer, Wishman, Cub/Esquire Films, 1993.

Rhodes, Gunmen, Columbia/TriStar, 1994.

Secret Service agent, Timemaster, 1995.

Highway patrol officer, California Convertible, 1995.

Arresting officer, The Cable Guy, Columbia, 1996.

Flight desk officer, Solo, Triumph Releasing, 1996.

Patrol officer, Sworn to Justice (also known as Blonde Justice), MTI Home Video, 1996.

Count Malt Liquella, Limp Fangs, 1996.

Colorado trooper, Switchback, Paramount, 1997.

Police officer at dam, Fools Rush In, Columbia, 1997.

Rookie police officer, Shades of Gray (also known as Twisted Passion), Trimark Pictures, 1997.

Py, A Time to Revenge, 1997.

Dr. Hathaway, The Deformation of Myrna Brown, 1999.

Sheriff Wayne Tolliver, Love Her Madly, 2000.

Plastic Boy and the Jokers, Fritzlensing Productions, 2000.

Dr. Tanus, Anatomy of the Assassin, Fritzlensing Productions, 2001.

Announcer, Strange Hearts (also known as Rat in the Can and Roads to Riches), 2001.

Captain Thomas, New Alcatraz (also known as Boa), 2001.

Deputy, In Pursuit, 2001.

Black journalist, How to Gt the Man's Foot Outta Your Ass (also known as Baadasssss!, Badass, and How to Get the Man's Foot Outta Your Baadasssss!), Sony Pictures Classics, 2003.

Police sergeant, Hollywood Horror, 2008.

Film Work:

Director, Limp Fangs, 1996.

According to some sources, worked as production designer for a film titled South Beach Dreams, 2006.

Television Appearances; Series:

Sergeant Michaels, 7th Heaven (also known as Seventh Heaven and 7th Heaven: Beginnings), The WB, then CW Network, 1997-2007.

Television Appearances; Movies:

Second assistant coach, A Triumph of the Heart: The Ricky Bell Story, CBS, 1991.

Voice of Atkins, Guyver: Dark Hero (also known as Guyver 2: Dark Hero), Sci-Fi Channel, 1994.

Police officer, Virus (also known as Formula for Death, Robin Cook's "Formula for Death," Robin Cook's "Outbreak," and Robin Cook's "Virus"), 1995.

Jeb, Drive, HBO, 1996.

Bailiff, Co-ed Call Girl, CBS, 1996.

I.R.S. interviewer, Border Line, NBC, 1999.

Night guard, Storm, Fox Family Channel, 1999.

Fire marshal, The David Cassidy Story, NBC, 2000.

Courtroom guard, Just Ask My Children, Lifetime, 2001.

Television Appearances; Pilots:

Harper, Hypernauts, 1996.

Crew member, Titans, NBC, 2000.

Exchange guard, Threat Matrix, ABC, 2003.

Television Appearances; Episodic:

Fred, "Rhapsody in Blue," Jake and the Fatman, 1988.

Guy Taylor, "Partners," Hunter, NBC, 1989.

Police officer, "The Grim Reaper," Knots Landing, 1990.

Coalition lieutenant, "Legacy," Star Trek: The Next Generation (also known as Star Trek: TNG), syndicated, 1990.

Bailiff, "Judge Deacon Frye," Amen, 1990.

Bailiff, "Lights, Camera, Deacon," Amen, 1991.

Man, "Birds Gotta Fly," Gabriel's Fire, 1991.

Ball player, "Where Have You Gone, Joe DiMaggio?" Step by Step, ABC, 1995.

Police officer, "My Uncle the Hero," Family Matters, ABC, 1995.

Shooter, "A Race through Dark Places," Babylon 5 (also known as B5), TNT, 1995.

Second juror, "Stress Related," The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, NBC, 1995.

Guard, "One Flew over the Courthouse," Courthouse, CBS, 1995.

Guard, "One Strike and You're Out," Courthouse, CBS, 1995.

Officer Hanover, "Love Is Murder," Diagnosis Murder, CBS, 1996.

Helm officer, "Rules of Engagement," Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (also known as Deep Space Nine, DS9, and Star Trek: DS9), syndicated, 1996.

Johnny Taylor, "The Creature," Baywatch Nights (also known as Detectives on the Beach), syndicated, 1996.

First police officer, "The Curator," Baywatch Nights (also known as Detectives on the Beach), syndicated, 1996.

Man, "Beauty and the Beast," Baywatch, syndicated, 1996.

Officer, "Out of the Past," Pacific Blue, USA Network, 1996.

First guard, "Curious Jarod," The Pretender, NBC, 1996.

Fireman, "Separation Anxiety," Murphy Brown, CBS, 1996.

Security guard, "Who's Afraid of Amanda Woodward? Part 1," Melrose Place, Fox, 1997.

Police officer, "Madwoman," Cracker (also known as Cracker: Mind over Murder), Arts and Entertainment, 1997.

Security officer, "Freak Show," ER, NBC, 1997.

Third customer, "The Rules," Fired Up, NBC, 1997.

Tommy Renko, "Evasion of the Body Snatchers," Total Security, ABC, 1997.

Police officer, "Betrayal," The Practice, ABC, 1997.

Bailiff, "The Blame Game," Ally McBeal, Fox, 1998.

Fire marshall, "Welcome to Malibu," Malibu, CA (also known as Malibu), 1998.

SWAT officer, "Discovery," Prey, ABC, 1998.

"Eve of Destruction," Any Day Now, Lifetime, 1998.

Agent, "Double-Edged Sword," Soldier of Fortune, Inc. (also known as SOF, Inc. and S.O.F. Special Ops Force), syndicated, 1998.

Dreyfus, "Fire!," The Wayans Bros., The WB, 1998.

Guard, "Otis, California," Profiler, NBC, 1999.

"Appearances and Other Deceits," Crusade, 1999.

Daniel J. Kilborne, "Midnight in the Garden of Ronnie Beeman," V.I.P. (also known as V.I.P.—Die Bodyguards), syndicated, 1999.

"Amanda Bynes/City High," All That, 2000.

Desk sergeant, "For Love," Family Law, CBS, 2000.

Police officer, "Judging Billie," Rude Awakenings, Showtime, 2000.

Referee, "Luscious Lou," Even Stevens, The Disney Channel, 2000.

Security officer, "Flight of Fancy," ER, NBC, 2000.

Trusty, "Fight Club," The X-Files, Fox, 2000.

Deadwagon attendant, "The Foot," Six Feet Under, HBO, 2001.

Training officer, "There but for Fortune," The Division (also known as Heart of the City), Lifetime, 2001.

Cop, "Best Man," Providence, NBC, 2001.

Fire marshal, "Two Clarks in a Bar," NYPD Blue, ABC, 2001.

Commander Rankin, "Bulldog's Ghost," The District, CBS, 2001.

Commander Rankin, "Twist of Hate," The District, CBS, 2002.

Commander Rankin, "Shades of Grey," The District, CBS, 2002.

Bailiff, "The Whole Ball of Wax," Sabrina, the Teenage Witch (also known as Sabrina and Sabrina Goes to College), The WB, 2002.

First man, "The Mamas and the Papas: Parts 1 & 2," Dharma & Greg, ABC, 2002.

Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms agent, "Life Is Dust," Robbery Homicide Division (also known as R.H. D./LA: Robbery Homicide Division/Los Angeles), CBS, 2002.

Browdy, "Val Cubed," V.I.P. (also known as V.I.P.—Die Bodyguards), syndicated, 2002.

Floor manager, "The U.S. Poet Laureate," The West Wing, NBC, 2002.

FBI Agent Gus Lewis, "Les Is More," The Practice, ABC, 2003.

Security guard, "Learning to Fly," She Spies, syndicated, 2003.

FBI official, "Undercover Angel," Line of Fire, ABC, 2003.

Security guard, "A Saint in the City," ER, NBC, 2003.

Security guard, "Out of Africa," ER, NBC, 2003.

Security guard, "Damaged," ER, NBC, 2004.

Doctor, "Dune Buggy," Drake & Josh, Nickelodeon, 2004.

Guard, "I Married a Mind Reader," Medium, NBC, 2005.

Ed Duvane, "Total Recall," Crossing Jordan, NBC, 2005.

Police officer, "Drive Me Crazy," The War at Home, Fox, 2006.

Officer Carl, "iWant More Viewers," iCarly, Nickelodeon, 2007.

Also appeared as desk sergeant, Strong Medicine, Lifetime.



Limp Fangs, 1996.

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