Rushton, William (George)

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RUSHTON, William (George)

RUSHTON, William (George). British, b. 1937. Genres: Humor/Satire. Career: Actor, author and cartoonist. Founder Ed., 1961, and Contributor, Private Eye mag., London; has appeared on stage, in film, and as broadcaster. Publications: William Rushton's Dirty Book, 1964; How to Play Football: The Art of Dirty Play, 1968; The Day of the Grocer, 1971; The Geranium of Flut, 1975; Superpig, 1976; Pigsticking: A Joy for Life, 1977; The Reluctant Euro, 1980; The Filth Amendment, 1981; W. G. Grace's Last Case, 1984; Adam and Eve, 1985; Willie Rushton's Great Moments of History, 1985; The Alternative Gardener, 1986; Marylebone versus the Rest of the World, 1987; (ed.) Spy Thatcher, 1987; Ffrench Letters, 1993; Every Cat in the Book, 1993. Address: Wallgrave Rd, London SW5 0RL, England.