Pau, Peter 1952- (Tak-Hai Pau)

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Pau, Peter 1952- (Tak-Hai Pau)


Cantonese spelling of name is Baau Tak Hei; Mandarin spelling of name is Bao De Xi; born 1952, in Hong Kong (now China); son of Fong Pao (an actor and director) and Su Liu (an actress). Education: School of the San Francisco Art Institute, B.F.A., 1983.


Agent—David Gersh, Gersh Agency, 232 North Canon Dr., Beverly Hills, CA 90210.


Cinematographer, director, producer, and actor. Also photographer, including commercial work. Formerly worked as a bank clerk in Hong Kong.


Hong Kong Society of Cinematographers.

Awards, Honors:

Hong Kong Film Award nomination, best cinematography, 1988, for Wai si-lei chuen kei; Hong Kong Film Award nomination (with Hang-Sang Poon), best cinematography, 1989, for He Bo; Hong Kong Film Award, best cinematography, 1990, for Bu tuo wa de ren; Hong Kong Film Award nomination (with Wing-Hung Wong), best cinematography, 1990, for Dip hyut shueng hung; Hong Kong Film Award nomination (with Sun Yip Li), best cinematography, 1991, for Qin yong; Hong Kong Film Award nominations (with others), best cinematography, 1992, for Hoyat gwan tsoi and for Wei si li zhi ba wang xie jia; Hong Kong Film Award, best cinematography, 1992, for Gau yat san diu hap lui; Hong Kong Film Award, best cinematography, 1994, for Bai fa mo nu zhuan; Hong Kong Film Award nomination, best cinematography, 1995, for Hua qi Shao Lin; Hong Kong Film Award nominations, best cinematography, 1996, and Video Premiere Award, best cinematography, DVD Exclusive Awards, 2001, both for Ye ban ge sheng; Hong Kong Film Award nominations, best cinematography, 1999, for Ngon na ma dak lin na, and 2000, for Ban zhi yan; Boston Society of Film Critics Award, Los Angeles Film Critics Association Award, New York Film Critics Circle Award, nomination for Golden Frog, Camerimage Awards, and nomination for Golden Horse Award, Golden Horse Film Festival, all 2000, Academy Award, Film Award nomination, British Academy of Film and Television Arts, American Society of Cinematographers Award nomination, British Society of Cinematographers Award nomination, Chicago Film Critics Association Award, Dallas-Fort Worth Film Critics Association Award, Florida Film Critics Circle Award, Hong Kong Film Award, Golden Satellite Award nomination, International Press Academy, and Online Film Critics Society Award, all 2001, all best cinematography, for Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon; Hong Kong Film Award nomination, best cinematography, 2002, for Bak ging lok yue liu; Asia-Pacific Film Festival Award, 2002, and Hong Kong Film Award nomination, 2003, both best cinematography, for The Touch; Hawaii International Film Festival Award, excellence in cinematography, 2002; Hong Kong Film Award and Golden Horse Award, both best cinematography, 2006, for Ru guo—Ai; Hong Kong Film Award nomination, best cinematography, 2006, for Wu ji.


Film Cinematographer:

(And director) The Temptation of Dance, 1984.

Tian mi shi liu sui (also known as Sweet Sixteen), 1986.

Wai si-lei chuen kei (also known as Legend of Wisely, Legend of Wu, Legend of the Golden Pearl, Die 7. Macht, Wisely Legend, and Wei si li chan ji), Rin-Film-Verleih, 1987.

He bo, 1988.

Gong xi duo qing (also known as The Greatest Lover), 1988.

Bu tuo wa de ren (also known as A Fishy Story and Bat tuet mat dik yan), 1989.

Ji dong ji xia (also known as The Iceman Cometh and Time Warriors), 1989.

Du shen (also known as God of Gamblers and Dao san), 1989, subtitled version, Rim, 1996.

Dip hyut shueng hung (also known as Just Heroes, The Killer, and Die xue shuang xiong), subtitled version, Circle Films, 1990.

Xiao ao jiang hu (also known as Swordsman), Golden Princess/Long Shong Pictures/Newport Films, 1990.

Qin yong (also known as A Terracotta Warrior and Gu jin da zhan qin yon qing), Art & Talent Group, 1990.

Jing gu jyun ga (also known as Tricky Brains, The Ultimate Trickster, and Zheng gu zhuan jia), Win's Movie Productions, 1991.

Wei si li zhi ba wang xie jia (also known as Bury Me High and Wai si-lei ji ba wong se gaap), New Dawn Pictures, 1991.

Hoyat gwan tsoi loi (also known as Till We Meet Again, When My Dear Come Again, Au revoir mon amour, and He ri jun zai lai), 1991.

Bo Hao (also known as To Be Number One and Bai Hao), Golden Harvest/Johnny Mak Productions, 1991.

Gau yat san diu hap lui (also known as Saviour of the Soul, Terrible Angel, and Jiu yi shen diao xia lu), Team Work Production House, 1991.

Haomen yeyan (also known as The Banquet), 1991.

Du xia II zhi Shang Hai tan du sheng (also known as God of Gamblers III: Back to Shanghai), 1991.

Sam sei goon (also known as Interrogate to Death, Justice, My Foot!, and Shen si guan), Cosmopolitan Film Productions, 1992.

Leung goh nuijen, yat goh leng, yat goh m leng (short film; also known as Too Happy for Words), Jackie & Willie Productions, 1992.

Chikio gouyeung (also known as Naked Killer and Chi luo gao yang), 1992, subtitled version, Rim, 1995.

Se diu ying hung ji dung sing sai jau (also known as The Eagle Shooting Heroes, Dong cheng xi jiu, and She diao ying xiong zhi dong chen xi jiu), Het Tone Production, 1993.

Bai fa mo nu zhuan (also known as The Bride with White Hair, Baak faat moh lui chuen, and Jiang-hu: Between Love and Glory), subtitled version, Century Pacific, 1994.

Huang Fei-hung zhi wu: long cheng jian ba (also known as Once Upon a Time in China V and Wong Fei-Hung V), 1994.

Hua qi Shao Lin (also known as American Shaolin, National Treasure, Treasure Hunt, and Fa kei siu lam), 1994, subtitled version, Rim, 1996.

Jin yu man tang (also known as The Chinese Feast and Gam yuk moon tong), Mandarin Films, 1995.

Ye ban ge cheng (also known as The Phantom Lover and Ye boon goh sing), Mandarin Films/Sil-Metropole Organization, 1995.

Xiu Xiu han ta de nan ren (also known as Sau sau woh sze dik laam yan), 1995.

Hua yue jia qi (also known as Love in the Time of Twilight), 1995.

Double Team (also known as The Colony), Columbia/Trimark Pictures, 1997.

(And coproducer) Warriors of Virtue, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, 1997.

Ngon na ma dak lin na (also known as Anna Magdalena), 1998.

Bride of Chucky, MCA/Universal, 1998.

Ban zhi yan (also known as Metade Fumaca), Art Port/GAGA Communications/Media Asia Distribution, 1999.

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (also known as Ngo foo chong lung and Wo hu cang long), subtitled version, Sony Pictures Entertainment, 2000.

Dracula 2000 (also known as Dracula 2001 and Wes Craven Presents "Dracula 2000"), Miramax/Dimension Films, 2000.

Bak Ging lok yue liu (also known as Beijing Rocks and Bei Jing le yu lu), 2001.

(And director) The Touch (also known as Tian mai chuan qi), Miramax, 2002.

Ru guo—Ai (also known as Perhaps Love), Shaw Organisation, 2005.

Wu ji (also known as The Promise and Mo gik), subtitled version, Warner Independent Pictures, 2006.

Shoot 'em Up, New Line Cinema, 2007.

Film Director:

Wu du qing chou (also known as Misty), 1992.

Film Appearances:

(Uncredited) Szeto, Fei zhou he shang (also known as Crazy Safari, The Gods Must Be Crazy III, Vampires Must Be Crazy, and Fei jau woh seung), 1991.

Chef from North West Restaurant, Jin yu man tang (also known as The Chinese Feast and Gam yuk moon tong), Mandarin Films, 1995.



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