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Born September 24. Education: Studied theatre at Dawson College, 198183, and at London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art, 199091; studied with Jacques Lecoq at Ecole International de Theatre, Paris, 199193, and at Laboratoire d'Etude de Mouvement, 199192. Avocational Interests: Sculpting, painting, creating multimedia experiments, writing, designing web sites.

Addresses: Manager Pam Friendly, Premier Artists Management, 671 Danforth Ave., Suite 305, Toronto, Ontario M4J 1L3, Canada.

Career: Actor. Initiative Quebec, member of executive committee until 1997. Studio Ku (motion graphics design studio), founder.

Member: Alliance of Canadian Cinema, Television, and Radio Artists (president of Quebec branch until 1997).


Television Appearances; Miniseries:

Morris Jeppson, Hiroshima, Showtime, 1995.

Also appeared in La pepiniere, CBC.

Television Appearances; Movies:

Billy Pritchard, Cook & Peary: The Race to the Pole, CBS, 1983.

Peter "Pete" Winfield, Murder by the Book (also known as Alter Ego ), NBC, 1987.

Peter Pratman, Relative Fear (also known as The Child ), Showtime, 1994.

Dr. Roberts, "The Clinic," Twists of Terror (also known as Primal Scream ), The Movie Channel, 1996.

Decker, The Peacekeeper (also known as Hellbent and Red Zone ), HBO, 1997.

Ernesto Rao, The Witness Files, Cinemax, 1999.

Bobby "B. J." Culley, Jr., Someone Is Watching, Lifetime, 2000.

Klosterman, Silent Night, Hallmark Channel, 2002.

Television Appearances; Specials:

Pissarro, "Degas and the Dancer," The Artists, HBO Family Channel, 1999.

Pissarro, "Monet: Shadows and Light," The Artists, HBO Family Channel, 2000.

Television Appearances; Episodic:

Robert, "The Great Montarro," Friday the 13th (also known as Friday the 13th: The Series ), syndicated, 1987.

Finny, "The Resurrection," War of the Worlds, syndicated, 1988.

Howard Moore, "The Secret Agenda of Mesmer's Bauble," Friday the 13th (also known as Friday the 13th: The Series ), syndicated, 1989.

Third advocate, "The Meek Shall Inherit," War of the Worlds, syndicated, 1989.

Third advocate, "Unto Us a Child Is Born," War of the Worlds, syndicated, 1989.

"Night Bloomer," The Hunger, Showtime, 1989.

OneEyed Jack, "The Tale of Prisoners Past," Are You Afraid of the Dark?, Nickelodeon, 1995.

Ken Morris, "Anais," The Hunger, Showtime, 1997.

Conway, "Critical List," Soldier of Fortune, Inc. (also known as Special Ops Force ), syndicated, 1999.

Dr. Dickens, "In the Beginning," The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne, 2000.

Protector and Henry, "The Tale of the Stone Maiden," Are You Afraid of the Dark?, Nickelodeon, 2000.

William Lyon Mackenzie, "Rebellion and Reform," CanadaA People's History, CBC, 2000.

Appeared as Brosam in Secret Service, NBC. Also appeared in The Mystery Files of Shelby Woo, Nickelodeon; T and T, syndicated; and in Top Cops, CBS.

Television Appearances; Other:

JohnnyO, One Night Only, 1986.

Film Appearances:

Young Albert, Ca peut pas etre l'hiver, on n'a meme pas eu d'ete (also known as It Can't Be Winter, We Haven't Had Summer Yet ), La Maison des Quatre, 1980.

Emmanuel, Bonheur d'occasion (also known as The Tin Flute ), National Film Board of Canada, 1983.

The Gunrunner, New World Home Video, 1984.

Member of Marino's gang, Renegades, Universal, 1989.

Snake, H, ARTOpelli Motion Pictures, 1990.

Lola Zipper, Acteurs Auteurs Associes, 1991.

No Mystery (short film), Long Run Productions, 1993.

Dill, Bolt (also known as Rebel Run ), Avalanche Home Entertainment, 1994.

Stenn, Highlander III: The Sorcerer (also known as Highlander 3, Highlander: The Final Dimension, Highlander: The Magician, and Highlander 3: The Final Conflict ), Dimension Films, 1994.

Paul Hartwig, War at Sea: The Black Pit (documentary; also known as War at Sea, Part 2 ), National Film Board of Canada, 1995.

Obstruction of Justice, Blackwatch Films, 1995.

Herman, Cosmos, Magouric Distribution, 1996.

Dobbs, Nico the Unicorn, Kingsborough Greenlight Pictures, 1998.

Musketeers Forever, Alpha Filmes, 1998.

Senior editor, Hemingway: A Portrait (short film), Direct Cinema Limited, 1999.

Davey Hicks, Protection, Alliance Atlantis Communications, 2001.

Reginald Grover, Aftermath, Christal Films, 2002.

Also appeared in The Other Prison (short film), Winter Films.

Stage Appearances:

Charlie, Eat Your Heart Out, Les Masques Dinner Theatre, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, 1984.

Eckart, Baal, Toronto Free Theatre, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, 1985.

Priest, naked man, and gigolo, Tantrums, Canadian Repertory Theatre, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, 1986.

Delio, The Duchess of Malfi, McGowen Theatre, London, England, 1990.

Jeremy, Love for Love, McGowen Theatre, 1990.

Malvolio, Twelfth Night, McGowen Theatre, 1991.

Shalimov, Summerfolk, McGowen Theatre, 1991.

The Nazi officer, The Visitor, Centaur Theatre, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, 1996.



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