Neuberg, Joseph

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(b. Luxembourg City, Luxembourg, 30 October 1840; d. Liège, Belgium, 22 March 1926)


Neuberg was one of the founders of the modern geometry of the triangle. The considerable body of his work is scattered among a large number of articles for journals; in it the influence of A. Möbius is clear. In general, his contribution to mathematics lies in the discovery of new details, rather than in any large contribution to the development of his subject.

Neuberg was educated at the Athénée de Luxembourg, and later at the Normal School of Sciences, which was then a part of the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Ghent. From 1884 to 1910 he was a professor at the University of Liège. He was a naturalized citizen of Belgium and was a member of the sciences section (which he headed in 1911) of the Belgian Royal Academy. From 1874 to 1880 Neuberg, with Catalán and Mansion, published the Nouvelle correspondance mathématique; subsequently he collaborated with Mansion in publishing Mathesis.


A portrait of Neuberg and a notice with a complete bibliography of his work by A. Mineur may be found in Annuaire de l’Academie royale de Belgique, 98 (1932), 135–192; see also L. Godeaux, in Biographie nationale publiée par l’Academie royale tie Belgique, XXX (1958), cols. 635–637; and in Liber Memorialis. L’Université de Liège de 1867 à 1935, II (Liège, 1936), 162–175.

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