Lockhart, Anne 1953–

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Lockhart, Anne 1953–

(Ann Lochart)


Full name, Anne Kathleen Maloney; born September 6, 1953, in New York, NY; daughter of John F. Maloney (a doctor) and June Lockhart (an actress); married Adam C. Taylor, December 24, 1986 (died, June 4, 1994); children: Carlyle, Zane.


Actress and automated dialogue replacement (ADR) voice. Champion horsewoman in cutting, reining, team penning, and barrel racing; Pro-Celebrity Rodeos, co-founder, 1983.


Film Appearances:

Dora, Jory, AVCO Embassy, 1973.

Tina, Slashed Dreams (also known as Sunburst), Cinema Financial, 1975.

Cindy Young, Joyride, American International Pictures, 1977.

Additional voice, Beyond and Back (documentary), Sunn Classic Pictures, 1978.

(Uncredited) Dispatcher, Convoy, United Artists, 1978.

Kris, Just Tell Me You Love Me (also known as Hawaii Heat and Maui), 1980.

(Uncredited) Mom, Earthbound, Taft International Pictures, 1981.

(Uncredited) Barmaid, Cannery Row (also known as John Steinbeck's "Cannery Row"), Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, 1982.

(Uncredited) Nurse, E. T.: The Extra-Terrestrial (also known as E. T.), Universal, 1982.

(Uncredited) Murder victim, 10 to Midnight, Cannon, 1983.

(Uncredited) Babysitter, Risky Business, Warner Bros., 1983.

Lucy, Young Warriors (also known as The Graduates of Malibu High), Cannon, 1983.

Anna, The Oasis (also known as Savage Hunger), 1984.

Roberta Radcliffe, Hambone and Hillie, New World Pictures, 1984.

The Serpent Warriors, 1985.

(Uncredited) Wife, Flesh+Blood (also known as Los senores del acero and The Rose and the Sword), Orion, 1985.

(Uncredited) Secretary, Head Office, TriStar, 1985.

Young Eunice St. Clair, Troll, Empire Pictures, 1986.

(Uncredited) Police officer, 8 Million Ways to Die, TriStar, 1986.

(Uncredited) Club patron, Blue City, Paramount, 1986.

Elaine, Dark Tower, Fries Distribution, 1987.

(Uncredited) Assistant district attorney and hotel guest, Black Widow (also known as Bullseye), Twentieth Century-Fox, 1987.

Voiceover, Cherry 2000, Orion, 1987.

Additional voices, The Little Mermaid (animated), Buena Vista, 1989.

Lady police officer, Big Bad John, Red River Films, 1990.

Additional voices, Total Recall, TriStar, 1990.

(Uncredited) Party guest, Wishman, Curb/Esquire Films, 1991.

Voice, Scenes from a Mall, Buena Vista, 1991.

(Uncredited) Ranch hand and passenger, City Slickers, Columbia, 1991.

(Uncredited) Football mom, The Last Boy Scout, Warner Bros., 1991.

(Uncredited) Disco patron, Basic Instinct (also known as Ice Cold Desire), TriStar, 1992.

(Uncredited) Soccer mom, Ladybugs, Paramount, 1992.

(Uncredited) Prisoner, Caged Fear (also known as Hotel Oklahoma, Innocent Young Female, and Jail Force), Asso Film, 1992.

Voice performer, Theodore Rex (also known as T. Rex), New Line Cinema, 1995.

Cammie Griffin, Bug Buster, DMG Entertainment, 1998.

Mary Webster, A Dog's Tale, Majestic Family Film I, 1999.

Mrs. Warner, Daybreak (also known as Rapid Transit), Off Track Productions, 2000.

Sylvie, Cahoots, 2001.

Additional character voice, Osmosis Jones, Warner Bros., 2001.

Dave's mom, Last Ride, Liberty International Entertainment, 2001.

Radio dispatcher, Route 666, Lions Gate Films, 2001.

Jackie, Disconnected (short), American Film Institute, 2002.

(Uncredited) Additional character voice, Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star (also known as Dickie Roberts: (Former) Child Star), Paramount, 2003.

Miss Connors, Big Chuck, Little Chuck, Maricopa Films, 2004.

Herself, Working with the Daggit of "Battlestar Galactica " (documentary short), 2004.

Herself, Remembering "Battlestar Galactica" (documentary), Universal Studios Home Video, 2004.

Additional voices, Chicken Little (animated), Buena Vista, 2005.

(Uncredited) Gymnastic coach and mom, Stick It, Buena Vista, 2006.

Celeste, Revamped, Millennium Concepts, 2007.

Lady Moroni, Deadly Sins, 2007.

Film Additional Automated Dialogue Replacement (ADR) Artist:

(Uncredited) Newsies (also known as Newsboys), Buena Vista, 1992.

(Uncredited) White Sands, Warner Bros., 1992.

(Uncredited) Lethal Weapon 3, Warner Bros., 1992.

(Uncredited) Unforgiven, Warner Bros., 1992.

(Uncredited) The Gun in Betty Lou's Handbag, Buena Vista, 1992.

(Uncredited) Matinee, MCA/Universal Home Video, 1993.

(Uncredited) The Crush, Warner Bros., 1993.

(Uncredited) The Pickle (also known as The Adventures of the Flying Pickle), Columbia, 1993.

(Uncredited) Son in Law, Buena Vista, 1993.

(Uncredited) Hocus Pocus, Buena Vista, 1993.

(Uncredited) Hearts and Souls, Universal, 1993.

(Uncredited) Undercover Blues, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, 1993.

(Uncredited) Airborne, Warner Bros., 1993.

(Uncredited) The Three Musketeers, Buena Vista, 1993.

(Uncredited) A Perfect World, Warner Bros., 1993.

(Uncredited) Young and Younger, 1993.

(Uncredited) Maverick, Warner Bros., 1994.

(Uncredited) Little Big League, Columbia, 1994.

(Uncredited) Pentathlon, Live Entertainment, 1994.

(Uncredited) The War, Universal, 1994.

(Uncredited) Irving, 1995.

(Uncredited) Heavy Weights, Buena Vista, 1995.

(Uncredited) Gordy, Miramax, 1995.

(Uncredited) The Stars Fall on Henrietta, Warner Bros., 1995.

Stick It, Buena Vista, 2006.

(Uncredited) First Snow, Yari Film Group Releasing, 2006.

(Uncredited) Everyone's Hero (animated), Twentieth Century-Fox, 2006.

(Uncredited) Employee of the Month, Lions Gate, 2006.

(Uncredited) Running with Scissors, TriStar, 2006.

(Uncredited) The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause (also known as Pretender), Buena Vista, 2006.

(Uncredited) The Fox and the Hound 2 (animated), Buena Vista, 2006.

(Uncredited) Deck the Halls, Twentieth Century-Fox, 2006.

(Uncredited) Walk the Talk, 2007.

(Uncredited) Wild Hogs (also known as Blackberry), Buena Vista, 2007.

Film Work; Other:

Automated dialogue replacement (ADR), Turner & Hooch, Buena Vista, 1986.

Vocalization (chimp), Project X, Twentieth Century-Fox, 1987.

(As Ann Lochart) ADR, Scenes from a Mall, 1991.

ADR, Ladybugs, Paramount, 1992.

ADR, The River Wild, Universal, 1994.

ADR, The Trigger Effect, Gramercy Pictures, 1996.

ADR, This World, Then the Fireworks, Orion Classics, 1997.

ADR, Antz (animated), DreamWorks, 1998.

ADR, The Prince of Egypt (animated), DreamWorks, 1998.

ADR, The Road to El Dorado (animated), DreamWorks, 2000.

Co-producer, Cahoots, 2001.

ADR, Flightplan, Buena Vista, 2005.

ADR, Everyone's Hero, Twentieth Century-Fox, 2006.

ADR (Todd AO), Employee of the Month, Lionsgate, 2006.

Television Appearances; Series:

Sheba, Battlestar Galactica, ABC, 1978-79.

Television Appearances; Movies:

Karen Jorgenson, "Fire on Kelly Mountain," Disneyland (also known as Disney's Wonderful World, The Disney Sunday Movie, The Magical World of Disney, The Wonderful World of Disney, Walt Disney, Walt Disney Presents, and Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color), NBC, 1973.

Elizabeth Frazer, "Lisa, Bright and Dark," Hallmark Hall of Fame (also known as Hallmark Television Playhouse), NBC, 1973.

Lieutenant Sheba, Mission Galactica: The Cylon Attack, 1978.

Additional voice, Daddy, I Don't Like It Like This, CBS, 1978.

Additional voice, Donner Pass: The Road to Survival, NBC, 1978.

Additional voice, The Deerslayer, 1978.

Larue Powell, Gidget's Summer Reunion, syndicated, 1985.

(Uncredited) Reporter, Classified Love, CBS, 1986.

Additional voice, Under the Influence, CBS, 1986.

(Uncredited) Juror, Act of Betrayal, 1988.

(Uncredited) Wedding guest, An "Eight Is Enough" Wedding, NBC, 1989.

Carolyn MacNamara, Bionic Ever After? (also known as Bionic Breakdown), CBS, 1994.

Megan Glenneyre, "Simon & Simon": In Trouble Again, CBS, 1995.

(Uncredited) Housewife, Not In This Town, 1997.

(Uncredited) Cult member, The Spring, NBC, 2000.

Television Appearances; Pilots:

Mary Rose Coogan, The Magician (movie), NBC, 1973.

Ginger Forehead, Washingtoon, Showtime, 1985.

Television Appearances; Specials:

All CommercialsA Steve Martin Special, NBC, 1980.

Voice of teacher and barmaid, "Miss Switch to the Rescue," ABC Weekend Specials, ABC, 1982.

Television Appearances; Episodic:

(Uncredited) Little girl, "The UNICEF Story," Lassie (also known as Jeff's Collie and Timmy and Lassie), CBS, 1959.

(Uncredited) Little girl, "Lassie's Ordeal," Lassie (also known as Jeff's Collie and Timmy and Lassie), CBS, 1962.

(Uncredited) Little girl, "Lassie and the Girl in the Canyon," Lassie (also known as Jeff's Collie and Timmy and Lassie), CBS, 1965.

Street urchin, "Magic Locket," Death Valley Days (also known as Call of the West, The Pioneers, Trails West, and Western Star Theater), syndicated, 1965.

(Uncredited) Little girl, "Little Dog Lost," Lassie (also known as Jeff's Collie and Timmy and Lassie), CBS, 1965.

Tabby, "A Deadly Quiet Town," Cannon, CBS, 1972.

Diana, "Dear Joan: We're Going to Scare You to Death," The Sixth Sense, ABC, 1972.

Bobbi, "Bullet from the Grave," Get Christie Love!, ABC, 1974.

"Ride on a Red Balloon," Three for the Road, CBS, 1975.

Marcia, "Three on a Porch," Happy Days (also known as Happy Days Again), ABC, 1975.

Wendy Millikan, "Death Beat," Barnaby Jones, CBS, 1977.

Sarah Masters, "The Mystery of the African Safari," The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries (also known as The Nancy Drew Mysteries), ABC, 1977.

Jess, "The Last Kiss of Summer: Parts 1 & 2," The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries (also known as The Nancy Drew Mysteries), ABC, 1978.

Sue Adams, "The Steel Inferno," Emergency! (also known as Emergencia and Emergency One), NBC, 1978.

"A Chance to Live," Police Story, NBC, 1978.

Ann Booth, "Sighting 4019: The Believe It or Not Incident," Project U.F.O. (also known as Project Blue Book), NBC, 1978.

"Breakout to Murder," The Eddie Capra Mysteries, NBC, 1978.

Beyond Reason, CBC, 1979.

Marcia, "Mork Returns," Happy Days, ABC, 1979.

All Star Secrets, NBC, 1979.

The $1.98 Beauty Show, syndicated, 1979.

Making Me Laugh, syndicated, 1979.

The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, NBC, 1979.

Kathy Mulligan, "Return of the Supercycle," CHiPs (also known as CHiPs Patrol), NBC, 1979.

Lillian Pogovich, "Pogo Lil," B. J. and the Bear, NBC, 1979.

Karen Mitchell, "Captive Night," The Incredible Hulk, 1979.

Lillian Pogovich, "Fire in the Hole," B. J. and the Bear, NBC, 1980.

Voices, Thundarr the Barbarian (animated), NBC, 1980.

Jennifer/Leila Markeson, "A Dream of Jennifer," Buck Rogers in the 25th Century, NBC, 1980.

Leila/Jennifer, "Testimony of a Traitor," Buck Rogers in the 25th Century, NBC, 1981.

Audrey, "The Phenom," The Incredible Hulk, CBS, 1981.

Diane Westmore, "Lest We Forget," Magnum P.I., CBS, 1981.

Voices, Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends (animated), 1981.

Voices, Goldie Gold and Action Jack (animated), ABC, 1981.

Brenda McCutchen and Cassie McCutchen, "Flashback, " Magnum, P.I., CBS, 1982.

Martha, "The Lady and the Tiger," Tales of the Gold Monkey (also known as Tales of the Golden Monkey), ABC, 1982.

Amy Jones, "Merry Christmas, Bogg," Voyagers!, NBC, 1982.

"Exit Line," Darkroom, ABC, 1982.

Sherry Benson, "Good Day at White Rock," Knight Rider, NBC, 1982.

Robin Stevens, "The Snow Job," The Fall Guy, ABC, 1982.

Sally, "Inside, Outside," The Fall Guy, ABC, 1983.

Jennifer Shell, "Return to Cadiz," Knight Rider, NBC, 1983.

"Cinderella," The Paper Chase, Showtime, 1983.

Lori Lightbody, "What's in a Gnome?," Simon & Simon, CBS, 1983.

Jo McFarland, "Yes, Virginia, There Is a Liberace," Simon & Simon, CBS, 1984.

Ellen Butler, "Hot Property," T. J. Hooker, ABC, 1984.

Tracy Morgan, "Death by Design," Automan, ABC, 1984.

"Minneapolis: Six Months Down," Lottery!, ABC, 1984.

"The Babysitter," Scene of the Crime, NBC, 1984.

Detective Sergeant Anne Brannen, "Random Target," Airwolf (also known as Lobo del aire), CBS, 1984.

Grace Earl Lamont, "Deadly Lady," Murder, She Wrote, CBS, 1984.

Mrs. Cooper, Scene of the Crime, NBC, 1984.

Veronica Harrold, "Widow, Weep for Me," Murder, She Wrote, CBS, 1985.

"Home for Dinner," George Burns Comedy Week, CBS, 1985.

Herself, "Home for Christmas," George Burns Comedy Week, CBS, 1985.

Navy Lieutenant Yvonne Wilkes/The Iron Maiden, "A.W.O.L.," Simon & Simon, CBS, 1986.

Mrs. Meechum, "Meechun vs. Meechum," Divorce Court, syndicated, 1986.

"Love-a-Gram/Love and the Apartment," New Love, American Style, ABC, 1986.

"Love and the Last Chance Cafe," New Love, American Style, ABC, 1986.

"Love and the Acting Class," New Love, American Style, ABC, 1986.

"Love and the Carterre," New Love, American Style, ABC, 1986.

Tess Dixon, "Day of Jeopardy," Airwolf (also known as Lobo del aire), CBS, 1986.

Dr. Tracy Kinsington, "A Town for Hire," Airwolf (also known as Lobo del aire), CBS, 1987.

Audrey Kensington, "A Town for Hire," Airwolf (also known as Airwolf II), USA Network, 1987.

Shelly North, "Road Ranger," The Highwayman, NBC, 1988.

Rachel Kelley, "Heartbreak Hotel," Freddy's Nightmare (also known as Freddy's Nightmares: A Nightmare on Elm Street: The Series), syndicated, 1989.

Roz Briggs, "Three Strikes, You're Out," Murder, She Wrote, CBS, 1989.

"Doogie's Wager," Doogie Howser, M.D., ABC, 1991.

Eva Stoddard, "Star Light, Star Bright—May 21, 1966," Quantum Leap, NBC, 1992.

Maureen, "Where the Heart Is: Part 1 & 2," Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, CBS, 1993.

Karen Banks, "Terminal Island," One West Waikiki, CBS, 1994.

Norma Willens, "Fatal Paradise," Murder, She Wrote, CBS, 1994.

Stacy Pardcek, "Manhunt," Kung Fu: The Legend Continues, syndicated, 1995.

"Past, Present," High Sierra Search and Rescue, NBC, 1995.

The Bold and the Beautiful (also known as Belleza y poder), CBS, 1996.

Andrea Rivers, "Murder in the Family," Diagnosis Murder, CBS, 1996.

Maureen, "Colleen's Paper," Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, CBS, 1997.

Kay Borgstrom, "St. Russell," Promised Land (also known as Home of the Brave), CBS, 1997.

Dr. Linda Morgan, "Brainchild," Walker, Texas Ranger (also known as Walker), CBS, 1997.

Mrs. Mathers, "Smash and Grab," L.A. Heat, syndicated, 1999.

Navy Rear Admiral Scotchel, "Psychic Warrior," JAG, CBS, 1999.

"Sciography," Sciography, 2000.

Jean Malone, "Frontier Dad," Diagnosis Murder, CBS, 2000.

(Uncredited) Police officer, "Redemption," Dragnet (also known as L.A. Dragnet), ABC, 2003.

Television Work; Series:

(Uncredited) Additional automated dialogue replacement (ADR), Cover Up, 1984.

(Uncredited) Additional ADR, The Cosby Mysteries (also known as Guy Hanks I), NBC, 1994.

(Uncredited) Additional ADR, Deadly Games, UPN, 1995.

Additional ADR, Grosse Pointe, The WB, 2000.

Additional ADR, The Twilight Zone, UPN, 2002.

Additional ADR, Dragnet (also known as L.A. Dragnet), ABC, 2003.

Television Work; Movies:

(Uncredited) Additional automated dialogue replacement (ADR), The Good Old Boys, TNT, 1995.

ADR, Menno's Mind (also known as Power.com), Showtime, 1996.

Television Additional Automated Dialogue Replacement (ADR) Artist; Episodic:

(Uncredited) "Fault," Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (also known as Law & Order: SVU and Special Victims Unit), NBC, 2006.

(Uncredited) "Heart of Darkness," Law & Order, NBC, 2006.

(Uncredited) "Cost of Capital," Law & Order, NBC, 2006.

(Uncredited) "Thinking Makes It So," Law & Order, NBC, 2006.

(Uncredited) "Home Sweet," Law & Order, NBC, 2006.

(Uncredited) "Ravenous," Navy NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service (also known as NCIS and NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service), CBS, 2006.

(Uncredited) "Escaped," Navy NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service (also known as NCIS and NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service), CBS, 2006.

(Uncredited) "Faking It," Navy NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service (also known as NCIS and NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service), CBS, 2006.

Television Director; Episodic:

Directed episodes of The Heartbreak Cafe.

Stage Appearances:

Various roles, War of the Worlds, Forum Theatre, Thousand Oaks, CA, 1998.

Melissa Santa Susanna, Love Letters, Repertory Company, Scherr Forum Theatre, Thousand Oaks, CA 1998.

Melissa, Love Letters, Mariott Theatre, Indianapolis, IN, 1999.

Melissa, Love Letters, Rubicon Theatre Company, Laurel Theatre, Ventura, CA, 2000.

Frenchy McCormick, The Legend, Lore and Legacy of Texas, Texas and Southwest Cattle Raisers, Astrodome, Houston, TX, 2000.

Maxine, The Night of the Iguana, Central Methodist College, Fayette, MO, 2000.

Various, Your's Truly, Johnny Dollar, Gold Coast Performing Arts Center, Thousand Oaks, CA, 2001.

Mrs. Cratchit, A Christmas Carol, Santa Sisanna Repertory Company, Scherr Forum Theatre, 2002.

Frenchy McCormick, The Soul of the West, Lisner Theatre, George Washington University, Washington, DC, 2002.

Mrs. Cratchit, A Christmas Carol, Santa Susanna Repertory Company, Scherr Forum Theatre, 2003.

Frenchy McCormick, The Ballad of Frenchy McCormick, McCormick Poetry Gathering, Boy's Ranch, TX, 2003.

Calpurnia, Julius Caesar, Kingsmen Shakespeare Festival, Thousand Oaks, CA, 2003.

Maria, Twelfth Night, Kingsmen Shakespeare Festival, 2003.

Mistress Quickly and Queen of France, Henry V, Kingsmen Shakespeare Festival, 2004.

Poetry reader, Green River Preservation Society, MET Theatre, Hollywood, CA, 2004.

Nurse (Romeo & Juliet), Maria (Twelfth Night), and sonnet reader, Wine, Women and Shakespeare, Gardens of the World, Thousand Oaks, CA, 2004.

Frenchy McCormick, The Soul of the West, Bass Performance Hall, Ft. Worth, TX, 2004.

A Christmas Carol, Santa Susanna Repertory Company, Scherr Forum Theatre, 2004.

Nurse, Romeo and Juliet, Kingsmen Shakespeare Festival, 2004, 2005.

Mistress Quickly, The Merry Wives of Windsor, Kingsmen Shakespeare Festival, 2005.

Queen Margaret, Richard III, Kingsmen Shakespeare Festival, 2005.

Mrs. Cratchit, A Christmas Carol, Santa Susana Repertory Company, Scherr Forum Theatre, 2006.

Frenchy McCormick, The Soul of the West, Pioneer Theatre, Palo Duro, TX, 2006.

Emilia, Othello, Kingsmen Shakespeare Festival, 2006.