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Blue Book

Blue Book, U.S. State Department publication with the full title Consultation Among the American Republics with Respect to the Argentine Situation (1946). Compiled at the direction of Spruille Braden, who had been ambassador in Buenos Aires before returning to Washington late in 1945 as under secretary of state for American Republic affairs, the Blue Book documented Argentina's wartime relations with the Axis powers. Braden's intention was to discredit Juan Perón, the leading candidate in the Argentine presidential election of February 1946. Using captured German archives and decoded Axis telecommunications, State Department investigators produced the Blue Book in time for the election. Its data are generally accurate but pertain chiefly to the period prior to Perón's political rise in 1944; its interpretations are heavily biased against Argentina. The Blue Book boomeranged: Argentine voters saw it as U.S. interference in their internal affairs. Urged on by the slogan that the United States had handed the Peronists, "¿Braden o Perón?," they elected Perón president.

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                                 Ronald C. Newton

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A publication that establishes the correct form of case citations or of references to a legal authority showing where information can be found. A volume that explains the organization of a state government and provides the names of state officials. The proper title is "The Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation." In a generic sense, this term also refers to a report issued by the Joint Committee on Taxation regarding recent tax legislation.

The Blue Book is published by the Harvard Law Review Association in conjunction with law review journals in Yale University, Columbia University, and the University of Pennsylvania. It has been the preeminent authority on proper citation form for more than 70 years.



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blue book • n. 1. a listing of socially prominent people. ∎  (in full Kelley Blue Book ) trademark a reference book listing the prices of used cars. 2. a blank book used for written examinations in high school and college.

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Blue Book
1. The coloured book that defines the file transfer protocol used by the UK academic networking community. See also NIFTP.

2. Part of the defining documentation for the ISDN standards, which further refines the definitions appearing in the earlier Red Book.