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coloured book The UK academic networking community was one of the earliest to attempt to devise a complete set of open systems interconnection (OSI) standards for all aspects of its networking requirements, and to make a concerted effort to apply these to the entire community. A main thrust of the approach was the definition of protocols for each of the major networking requirements, each protocol being issued in a different colored binder. The important protocols were:

Yellow Book— defining a transport service, roughly equivalent to layer 4 of the ISO seven-layer reference model.

Green Book— defining a terminal connection protocol.

Blue Book— defining a file transfer protocol.

Grey Book— defining an electronic mail service.

Red Book— defining a job transfer and submission protocol.

Pink Book— defining a transport service to run over an ISO OSI CSMA/CD service.

Orange Book— defining a network service running over a Cambridge Ring.

Colors have been used to identify various other standards, including CD-ROM format standards.