Karn, Richard 1956–

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KARN, Richard 1956–


Original name, Richard Karn Wilson; born February 17, 1956, in Seattle, WA; son of Gene Karn (a contractor and architect) and Louise (an artist) Wilson; married Tudi Roche (an actress and singer), 1985; children: Cooper. Education: University of Washington, Seattle, B.F.A., 1979; also attended New Harmony Project workshop. Avocational Interests: Fishing, golfing, playing poker, skiing.

Career: Actor and writer. Appeared in television commercials and print advertisements. Richard Karn Celebrity Golf Tournament (annual event), founder, 1993; also involved with Richard Karn's StarDays and other fund–raising activities. Also worked as an apartment building manager.

Member: Screen Actors Guild, Beta Theta Pi.

Awards, Honors: Critics Choice Award, Los Angeles Times, for Our Father.


Television Appearances; Series:

Albert "Al" Borland, Home Improvement, ABC, 1991–1999.

Host, Family Feud (also known as Family Fortunes), syndicated, 2002—.

Television Appearances; Movies:

George Thomas (some sources cite George Banks), Picture Perfect (also known as Enemy Camp), ABC,1995.

Brice Renard, Bram Stoker's Legend of the Mummy (also known as Bram Stoker's The Mummy and Legend of the Mummy), HBO, 1998.

Agent Dainville, The Pooch and the Pauper, ABC, 1999.

Television Appearances; Specials:

The 61st Annual Hollywood Christmas Parade, syndicated, 1992.

Walt Disney World Very Merry Christmas Parade (also known as Walt Disney World's Very Merry Christmas Parade 1992), ABC, 1992.

Host, An All–New Before They Were Stars (also known as Before They Were Stars, Part II), ABC, 1994.

Mr. Delo (some sources cite Mr. Della), "Boys Will Be Boys," ABC Afterschool Specials, ABC, 1994.

Celebrity First Loves, Fox, 1995.

Host, Chariots of the Gods? The Mysteries Continue, ABC, 1996.

Host, How to Host a BBQ with Richard Karn, 1996.

Host, WOW! The Most Awesome Acts on Earth, ABC, 1996.

Host and narrator, Secrets of the Internet, The Discovery Channel, 1996.

Oops! The World's Funniest Outtakes 4, Fox, 1996.

Christmas Miracles, ABC, 1997.

Narrator, Foot Soldiers, Arts and Entertainment, 1998.

Backstage Pass, ABC, 1999.

Celebrity Homes, E! Entertainment Television, 1999.

Host, TV's Funniest Game Shows Part 2, Fox, 2002.

Himself and Al Borland, Tim Allen Presents: A User's Guide to "Home Improvement," ABC, 2003.

Contestant, World Poker Tour: Hollywood Home Game, Travel Channel, 2004.

Host of America's Funniest Animals, ABC.

Television Appearances; Awards Presentations:

Presenter, The 44th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards, Fox, 1992.

Presenter, The American Television Awards, ABC, 1993.

Presenter, The 1994 Clio Awards, Fox, 1994.

Television Appearances; Episodic:

Carol & Company, NBC, c. 1990.

David Bergen, "Who Killed Mr. Game Show?," Burke's Law, CBS, 1995.

Victor LaSalle, "This Little Piggy," Boy Meets World, ABC, 1995.

Behind Closed Doors with Joan Lunden II, Arts and Entertainment, 1995.

Guest, The Rosie O'Donnell Show, syndicated, 1996.

Al Borland, "Cinderella and the Funeral," Soul Man, ABC, 1997.

Himself, "Northern Trail: Club Sandwiches Not Seals," Road Rules, MTV, 1998.

Sin City Spectacular (also known as Penn & Teller's Sin City Spectacular), FX Network, c. 1998.

Voice of Edmond P. Edmonton, "Beyond a Reasonable Scout," Recess (animated; also known as Disney's Recess), ABC, 2000.

David Tally, "Baby Got Back," The Chronicle, Sci–Fi Channel, 2001.

Stan Lunquist, "The Mob Scene," The Lot, American Movie Classics, 2001.

Theo, "Bye Bye Basement," That '70s Show, Fox, 2001.

Himself, "Home Improvement—A Half Hour of Power," Tvography, Arts and Entertainment, 2002.

Himself, "Feud," Watching Ellie, NBC, 2003.

Television Creative Consultant; Movies:

Picture Perfect (also known as Enemy Camp), ABC, 1995.

Film Appearances:

Ollie Plant, MVP 2: Most Vertical Primate, Keystone Entertainment, 2002.

Victor Cayanne, Reality School, Hypnotic Films, 2002.

Patrick, Air Bud: Seventh Inning Stretch (also known as Tobby, le frappeur etoile), Miramax Home Entertainment, 2002.

Stanley Heitmeyer, Sex and the Teenage Mind, Goldade Productions, 2002.

Stage Appearances:

The Other Shore, off–Broadway production, 1983.

The Miser, Stagewest Theatre, Springfield, MA, 1983–1984.

Cutty Moore, Losing It, Provincetown Playhouse, New York City, 1984.

Title role, The Foreigner, Astor Place Theatre, New York City, 1984.

Don Juan, The Phantom Lady, Greenwich House Theatre, New York City, 1989.

Macbeth, Theatre at First Baptist Church, Beverly Hills, CA, 1991.

Tom McCardle and understudy for the role of Joey, Man Enough, Apple Corps Theatre, New York City, 1995.

Appeared in the musical Me and My Girl, Broadway production; appeared in Our Father, CA; also appeared in productions of the Edinburgh Festival, Edinburgh, Scotland.


Music Videos:

"Someday," by the Strokes, 2002.



(With George Mair) House Broken: How I Remodeled My House for Just under Three Times the Original Bid, HarperEntertainment, 1999.



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