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Karmina ★★ 1996

Unusual French-Canadian vampire parody finds 140-year-old vamp Karmina (Cyr) fighting with her Transylvanian parents over their insistence that she marry nerdy Vlad (Pelletier). Karmina flees her home and heads to Montreal in search of her aunt, Esmeralda (Castel), who has managed to regain her humanity and now runs a dating service. A magic potion also makes Karmina human (it's a difficult transition) and she falls in love with Philippe (Brouillette) but Vlad's not out of the picture. He also turns up in Montreal, and begins adding to the vampire population. 109m/C VHS . CA Isabelle Cyr, Yves Pelletier, Robert Brouillette, France Castel, Gildor Roy, Raymond Cloutier, Sylvie Potvin; D: Gabriel Pelletier; W: Gabriel Pelletier, Andree Pelletier, Ann Burke, Yves Pelletier; C: Eric Cayla; M: Patrick Bourgeois. Genie ‘97: Art Dir./Set Dec., Costume Des.