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Distance Learning Program

The expansion of computer technology and the Internet enables Pace University to add new meaning to its motto as it offers access in new ways. Online courses and programs are offered for students who wish to pursue higher education but are unable to attend classes on campus or who desire the flexibility of learning online. Online courses and programs are developed with the same commitment as traditional courses, and they provide a range of learning opportunities and support services that ensure successful outcomes and positive experiences for students.

Programs and individual courses are offered through the Lubin School of Business, Dyson College of Arts and Sciences, School of Computer Science and Information Systems, School of Education, Lienhard School of Nursing, and School of Law.

Delivery Media

Pace University utilizes Blackboard for course delivery. Blackboard 6 is a comprehensive and flexible e-learning software platform through which students have access to virtual classrooms, communication methods, and course content.

Programs of Study

Three online baccalaureate-completion programs are available. Programs are developed specifically for adult professionals who have earned at least 60 college credits. Students progress through the program at their own pace and can complete the degree program within twenty-four months.

The Bachelor of Science (B.S.) program in professional technology studies with a concentration in telecommunications was designed for individuals in the telecommunications industry. Most of the students in the telecommunications concentration work in corporations that are in the telecommunications business. They want to complete their bachelor's degree program to gain the credentials and knowledge that will enable them to be promoted within their company and to advance within the industry. Specifically, the concentration strives to provide a strong foundation in the technical and nontechnical aspects of emerging telecommunications technologies; establish an understanding of technology management; develop skills that allow students to work effectively with the Internet and to create multimedia Web pages; refine students' abilities to work on teams to solve problems; teach students to use innovative technology to manage projects and establish cost projections; prepare graduates for development of effective interpersonal relationships in organizations, including superior-subordinate relationships, formal and informal group interactions, interpersonal and intergroup conflict, and motivation and job satisfaction; and help students develop an understanding of the theory and practice of effective communication between individuals from diverse domestic and international cultures.

The B.S. program in professional technology studies with a concentration in Internet for e-commerce provides the tools needed to build and design Web sites, including e-commerce applications, and teaches successful marketing of Web sites and products. Providing a strong foundation in the technical and nontechnical aspects of the Internet and e-commerce, this program teaches students the skills to create multimedia Web pages, understand the marketing principles necessary for effective online retail environments, and practice implementing these principles.

Pace University is a private, nonsectarian, coeducational institution. Originally founded as a school of accounting in 1906, Pace Institute was designated Pace College in 1973. Through growth and success, Pace College was designated a university, as approved by the New York State Board of Regents. Today, Pace offers comprehensive undergraduate, graduate, doctoral, and professional-level programs at several campus locations and via distance learning experiences through six schools and colleges.

Pace University's motto is "Opportunitas." It offers talented and ambitious students the opportunity to discover their potential and realize their dreams. Pace provides a supportive environment and challenging programs to prepare students for a responsible life and successful career. Pace is committed to providing students with a learning experience that is respectful of traditional academic values, entrepreneurial in spirit, and responsive to the demands of diverse learners.

The B.S. program in professional communication studies with a concentration in organizational communication teaches students to analyze print and electronic mass-media trends and provides the tools to master public opinion research and public relations and their application to modern organizations. Students develop skills to understand the process of symbolic interaction in organizations, the practical and theoretical ways to provide organizational communication successfully, contemporary speech models for professional situations, effective presentation reports, the concepts and practice of public opinion research, and the theory and practice of effective communication between diverse cultures.

Two online graduate degrees are offered through Pace University. The Master of Science (M.S.) in Internet technology for e-commerce is designed for people interested in working specifically with e-commerce platforms and technology. Students engage in course work that includes programming, Internet marketing, and advertising and promotion. Students are required to register for various elective courses, ranging from strategic management to database management systems, which are all applicable in the corporate world. The program concludes with a capstone experience.

The [email protected] is a fully accredited, two-year, online executive M.B.A. program designed specifically for the new generation of business leaders. Combining online learning with brief classroom residencies, this project-based program gives students the tools needed to master qualitative and quantitative analytical skills by working in teams on a series of nine large-scale projects and learning exercises centered on realistic business problems. This outcome-based learning approach has been proven highly effective, and the [email protected] is one of the few online programs offering it. During the residency periods, student teams present their projects to program faculty members and practitioner experts. Students also demonstrate learning through assessment exercises and attend workshops to acquire managerial skills.

The M.S. in telecommunications is a hybrid program; it has both online and on-campus components. The 36-credit program responds to the need for information to move quickly within, between, and among organizations. The program integrates technical courses with a strong foundation in business management policies and an understanding of regulatory restrictions. The curriculum emphasizes the planning and management of infrastructures for data, voice, and video networks.

A Doctor of Professional Studies (D.P.S.) degree program in computing is offered to provide a unique opportunity for information technology (IT) professionals to pursue a part-time doctoral degree. Throughout the program, students expand their knowledge base across applied computer science, information systems, software engineering, telecommunications, and emerging information technologies. Monthly weekend residencies are required. The program allows students to develop solid, working relationships with other students from a wide range of computer-related backgrounds and to integrate the academic and professional aspects of computing.

Certificate programs are available in business aspects of publishing and Internet technologies. Advanced graduate certificate programs are available in telecommunications and Internet technology.

Credit Options

Pace University offers a wide variety of individual courses online through its six schools and colleges. Students may register for credit-bearing and non-creditbearing course work.


Pace has an outstanding teaching faculty. Senior members, including department heads, teach freshman and sophomore students as well as upper-division classes. Approximately 82 percent of the full-time faculty members hold a doctoral degree, and many act as professional consultants to other educational institutions, businesses, and government agencies. Many adjunct faculty members pursue professional careers while teaching their specialty.


Admission varies by school and program. For further program information, prospective students should visit or e-mail [email protected] Applications for admission are available online at

Tuition and Fees

Undergraduate tuition for the 2003–04 academic year was $590 per credit, or $10,270 per semester (12–18 credits). Graduate tuition ranged between $600 and $710 per credit and varied by school.


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Financial Aid

Financial aid is available to matriculated students. Students may contact the Office of Student Financial Services at 212-346-1300. Pace supports various financing options and payment plans for nonmatriculated students.

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