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686. Wandering (See also Adventurousness, Bohemianism, Journey, Quest.)

  1. Ahasuerus German name for the Wandering Jew. [Ger. Lit.: Benét, 1071]
  2. Ancient Mariner Coleridges wandering sailor. [Br. Lit.: The Rime of the Ancient Mariner in Norton, 597610]
  3. Aniara spaceship condemned to perpetual earth orbit. [Swed. Opera: Blomdahl, Aniara, Westerman, 562]
  4. Argonauts sailed with Jason in search of Golden Fleece. [Gk. Myth.: Howe, 36]
  5. Bedouin a nomadic desert Arab. [Br. Folklore: Espy, 98]
  6. Bloom, Leopold Jewish advertising salesman whose wanderings around Dublin are ironic parallels of Ulysses voyages. [Irish Lit.: James Joyce Ulysses ]
  7. Cain punished by God to life of vagrancy. [O.T.: Genesis 4:12]
  8. Candide a wanderer in search of best of all possible worlds. [Fr. Lit.: Candide ]
  9. Cocytus Hadean river where unburied were doomed to roam for 100 years. [Gk. Myth.: Benét, 210]
  10. Eulenspiegel, Till roams Low Countries as soldier and deliverer. [Ger. Folklore: Benét, 325326]
  11. Flying Dutchman spectral ship doomed to eternal wandering. [Marine Folklore: Benét, 355]
  12. Goedzak, Lamme accompanies Eulenspiegel on his circumambulations. [Ger. Folklore: Benét, 325326]
  13. Goliards wandering scholar-poets of 12th-century Europe. [Medieval Hist.: NCE, 1105]
  14. Gulliver, Lemuel visits fabulous lands. [Br. Lit.: Gullivers Travels ]
  15. Gynt, Peer Norwegian farmer drifts around without purpose. [Nor. Lit.: Peer Gynt, Magill I, 722724]
  16. Gypsy member of nomadic people who usually travel in small caravans. [Eur. Hist.: NCE, 1168]
  17. Harold, Childe seeking an end to disappointment in love, he wanders about Europe. [Br. Poetry: Byron Childe Harolds Pilgrimage in Magill IV, 127]
  18. Herodias condemned to wander the world for centuries for her part in the execution of John the Baptist. [Fr. Lit.: Eugene Sue The Wandering Jew ]
  19. Ishmael the wanderer aboard Ahabs ship. [Am. Lit.: Moby Dick ]
  20. Kwai Chang Caine Shaolin priest wanders throughout America. [TV: Kung Fu in Terrace I, 449]
  21. Labre, St. Benedict itinerant holy beggar. [Christian Hagiog.: Attwater, 64]
  22. land of Nod condemned to vagabondage, Cain settles here. [O.T.: Genesis 4:16]
  23. Meaulnes, Augustine dreamer with a lifelong fondness for wandering into romantic adventures. [Fr. Lit.: The Wanderer in Magill I, 1081]
  24. Melmoth the Wanderer to win souls, he is cursed to roam earth after death. [Br. Lit.: Melmoth the Wanderer ]
  25. Moses led his people through the wilderness for forty years. [O.T.: Pentateuch]
  26. Mother Courage shrewd old woman who makes her living by following the armies of the Thirty Years War selling her wares to the soldiers. [Ger. Drama: Brecht Mother Courage and Her Children in Benét, 690]
  27. Nolan, Philip transferred from ship to ship; never lands. [Am. Lit.: The Man Without a Country in Benét, 632]
  28. Odysseus (Ulysses ) hero of the Trojan War wanders for seven years before returning home. [Gk. Lit.: Odyssey ]
  29. Omoo Polynesian word for an island rover. [Am. Lit.: Omoo ]
  30. Ossian a legendary, wandering Irish bard. [Irish Lit.: Harvey, 603]
  31. Route 66 adventure series of two young men wandering along highway Route 66. [TV: Terrace, II, 259]
  32. Rugg, Peter wanders on horseback for fifty years, trying to find his way home. [Am. Lit.: Austin Peter Rugg, the Missing Man in Hart, 48]
  33. Siddhartha character who wanders in search of inner truth. [Ger. Lit.: Hesse, Siddhartha ]
  34. Travels with Charley accompanied by his poodle, Steinbeck drives 10,000 miles through 40 states to discover America. [Am. Lit.: Steinbeck Travels with Charley in Benét, 961]
  35. Travels with a Donkey R. L. Stevensons wanderings through the mountains of southern France, accompanied by a donkey. [Br. Lit.: Magill I, 1014]
  36. Wandering Jew condemned to eternal wandering for mocking Christ. [Christian Legend: NCE, 2926; Fr. Lit.: Wandering Jew ]
  37. Yorick, Mr. in a leisurely trip through 18th-century France, he meets a variety of people and enjoys the company of the fair sex. [Br. Lit.: Sterne A Sentimental Journey in Benét, 914]