Voronikhin, Andrey Nikiforovich

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Voronikhin, Andrey Nikiforovich (1759–1814). Born a serf on the Stroganov Estates near Perm, Russia, he received the patronage of his master, Count Aleksandr Sergeyevich Stroganov (1734–1811—possibly Voronikhin's father), who arranged for his formal education and travel. A pupil of de Wailly, he became one of Russia's most distinguished Neo-Classical architects after his return to his motherland in the 1790. His main works include the Stroganov Dacha, near St Petersburg (1796–8), the remodelling of the State-Rooms of Rastrelli's Stroganov Palace on the Nevsky Prospect, St Petersburg, after fire damage (1790s), the Cathedral of the Virgin of Kazan, St Petersburg (influenced by Soufflot's Panthéon in Paris—1801–11), and the severe Academy of Mines, with its huge dodecastyle Paestum Doric portico, also in St Petersburg (1806–11).


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