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Stethaimer, or Stettheimer, Hans (d. 1432). Also called Hans von Burghausen, he seems to have worked first on the immensely tall Pfarrkirche (Parish Church) in Landshut, Bavaria (1387), a fine example of a hall-church. He was among the most distinguished of German late-Gothic architects, and was the designer of the beautiful hall-choir of the Franziskanerkirche (Franciscan Church), Salzburg (begun 1408), completed by Stefan Krumenauer (c.1460): it has vaulting, with ribs arranged in net-like forms, with star-shaped patterns immediately bursting from the very tall cylindrical piers, one of which is set on the axis at the east end. Burghausen may also have designed the Spitalkirche, Landshut (1407–61), and other churches at Neu-Ötting, Straubing, and Wasserburg.


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