Shreve, Raymond Harold

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Shreve, Raymond Harold (1877–1946). American architect. With William Frederick Lamb (1883–1952) he formed a partnership with Carrère & Hastings (1920), dropping the Carrère and Hastings names in 1924. They designed various corporate, commercial, and institutional buildings. Among their works were the General Motors Building, NYC (1925–7), and the Empire State Building, Fifth Avenue, NYC (designed 1928–29, when Arthur Loomis Harmon (1878–1958) became a partner). As Shreve, Lamb, & Harmon they designed Brill Brothers Store (1933–4), Hunter College (1939–40—with Harrison and Fouilhoux), and many other works in and around NYC. On his own account Harmon designed the Shelton Towers Hotel, NYC (1923–4), a good example of set-back design. In 1943 the firm became Shreve, Lamb, & Harmon Associates.


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