Fouilhoux, Jacques-André

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Fouilhoux, Jacques-André (1879–1945). Paris-born French architect. He was in the USA c.1904 and became a partner of Raymond Hood in 1924, with whom he designed the St Vincent de Paul Asylum, Tarrytown, NY (1924), the Masonic Temple, Scranton, PA (1929), the McGraw-Hill skyscraper, NYC (1930–2), and other buildings. He was also partly responsible for the Rockefeller Center, NYC (1931–4). When Hood died in 1934 Fouilhoux joined Wallace K. Harrison, and continued working on the Rockefeller Center. He also contributed to the New York World's Fair (1938–9) and worked on the Fort Greene and Clinton Hill housing-schemes, NYC, in the 1940s.


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