Fotopoulos, Takis

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FOTOPOULOS, Takis. Greek, b. 1940. Genres: Economics, Environmental sciences/Ecology, Politics/Government, Social sciences. Career: University of North London, London, England, senior lecturer in economics, 1969-89; Democracy and Nature, editor, 1992-. Publications: Dependent Development: The Case of Greece, 1985; The Gulf War: The First Battle in the North-South Conflict, 1991; The Neoliberal Consensus and the Crisis of the Growth Economy, 1993; The New World Order and Greece, 1997; Towards an Inclusive Democracy: The Crisis of the Growth Economy and the Need for a New Liberatory Project, 1997; Drugs: An Alternative Approach, 1999; The New Order in the Balkans, 1999; Religion, Autonomy, Democracy: The Rise of New Irrationalism, 2000;Globalisation, the Left and Inclusive Democracy, 2002. Address: 20 Woodberry Way, London N12 0HG, England. Online address: [email protected]