Shreier, Feiwel

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SHREIER, FEIWEL (1819–1898), rabbi and one of the leaders of the Zionist movement in Galicia. Both in Bohorodczany, Galicia, Schreier studied under leading Galician rabbis and in 1861 became the rabbi of Bohorodczany. He was the oldest Galician rabbi and one of the most renowned for halakhic knowledge, to join the Zionist movement upon the appearance of Theodor *Herzl. Despite his advanced age, he was ready to travel to any community that requested a speaker on Zionism. He was the honorary president of the Galician Ahavat Zion society for the settlement of Ereẓ Israel, which founded the moshavah Maḥanayim. He published a number of books on halakhah, including a book by his teacher, Avraham David of Buczacz (Da'at Kedoshim). At the Third Zionist Congress (1899) he was eulogized by Herzl, to whom he was very close.


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