Seidler, Harry

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Seidler, Harry (1923–2006). Vienna-born Australian architect. He studied in Canada and at Harvard (under Breuer and Gropius), settled in Sydney, Australia, in 1948, and brought aspects of Breuer's style with him, as in the Rose Seidler House, Sydney (1947–50), and other designs firmly embedded in pre-War International Modernism in conformity with Bauhaus principles. His work includes the Australia Square Tower, Sydney (1960–7), MLC Centre Tower, Sydney (1971–5), the Australian Embassy, Paris (1973–7), Hong Kong Club and Offices (1980–4), Riverside Centre, Brisbane (1983–6), Grosvenor Place, Sydney (1982–7), and the Shell Headquarters, Melbourne (1985). He also designed a large public housing-development in Vienna (1992–7), and a proposal for a 120-storey tower in Melbourne (1996).


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