Ring, Der

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Ring, Der. Architectural pressure-group founded in 1923–4 as the ‘Ring of Ten’ representing Neues Bauen. In 1926 membership was extended to include Bartning, Behrens, Gropius, Häring, Haesler, Hilbersheimer, Korn, the Luckhardts, E. May, Mendelsohn, A. Meyer, Mies van der Rohe, Poelzig, Scharoun, the Tauts, Tessenow, and Martin Wagner, among others, and it acquired its name. It promoted the ‘new architecture’ (which, in effect, became International Modernism) in order to solve contemporary problems, to reject forms based on Historicism, and to design for the ‘new scientific and social’ epoch. The Modernist elements in Der Ring, who were in the majority, grouped with Mies to establish the architectural images of the Weissenhofsiedlung (1927), causing an opposition (Der Block) to be formed by Bonatz and others.


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