Riemerschmid, Richard

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Riemerschmid, Richard (1868–1957). German Arts-and-Crafts architect, a founding member (with Behrens and others) of the Munich Vereinigten Werkstätten für Kunst und Handwerk (United Workshops for Arts and Crafts—1896) and of the Deutscher Werkbund (1907), who was an influential designer in Germany from the turn of the century until the mid-1920s. His works include the Jugendstil Kammertheater (Chamber Theatre) in the Schauspielhaus (Play House), Munich (1901), and he contributed (with Tessenow and others) to the design at the Garden City, Hellerau, near Dresden (1907). German vernacular styles and English Arts-and-Crafts influences were often synthesized in his architecture, as in his own house at Pasing (1896). By the time he was designing buildings at Hellerau (1910) his work was turning to stripped Neo-Classicism.


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