Ludovice, João Frederico

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Ludovice, João Frederico (born Johann Friedrich Ludwig (1670–1752)). German-born, he brought Italian Baroque to Portugal, and became the leading C18 architect in that country. His greatest work was the Convent Palace at Mafra, near Lisbon (1717–30). The plan resembles that of the Escorial, Madrid, and, of course, reconstructions of Solomon's Temple in Jerusalem, but there are echoes of Central-European designs in the scheme, notably the Monasteries of Weingarten, Einsiedeln, and Göttweig. The Church at Mafra influenced other designs in Lisbon and Rio de Janeiro. He was also responsible for the sumptuously beautiful Library at the University of Coimbra (1716–23), and for the apse at Évora Cathedral (1716–29), both in Portugal.


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