Halprin, Lawrence

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Halprin, Lawrence (1916– ). American architect, landscape-architect, and planner, a pupil of Breuer and Gropius. He designed the master-plan (1957) for the Seattle Center, Seattle World's Fair, WA (1962), parts of the Bay Area Rapid Transit System, San Francisco, CA (1966), and the Freeway Park, Seattle (1970–6). His gardens for private houses are examples of the California School. Among his other works may be cited Lovejoy Plaza, Portland, OR, with pools and sculptures (1963–6), the Roosevelt Memorial Garden, Washington, DC (1974–8), the Haas Promenade, Jerusalem, Israel (1984–6), and contributions in the Sea Ranch, near San Francisco, condominium on the California coast, where buildings by Moore and others received much publicity. He was involved in schemes of urban renewal in San Francisco, and designed several shopping malls (e.g. Minneapolis, MN (1961–7), and Charlottesville, VA (1971–5).


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