Halsey, A(lbert) H(enry)

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HALSEY, A(lbert) H(enry)

HALSEY, A(lbert) H(enry). British, b. 1923. Genres: Sociology, Autobiography/Memoirs. Career: Director, Dept. of Social and Administration Studies, University of Oxford, 1962-. Professorial Fellow, Nuffield College, Oxford. Lecturer and Sr. Lecturer, University of Birmingham, 1954-62; Fellow, Center for Advanced Study of the Behavioral Sciences, Palo Alto, California, 1956-57; Visiting Professor, University of Chicago, 1959-60. Publications: (with J.E. Floud and F.M. Martin) Social Class and Educational Opportunity, 1956; (with J.E. Floud and C.A. Anderson) Education, Economy and Society, 1961; Ability and Educational Opportunity, 1962; (with G.N. Ostergaard) Power in Co-operatives, 1965; (with M. Trow) The British Academics, 1971; (with J. Karabel) Power and Ideology in Education, 1977; (with A.F. Heath and J.M. Ridge) Origins and Destinations, 1980; Change in British Society, 1981, 4th ed., 1995; (with N. Dennis) English Ethical Socialism, 1988; British Social Trends since 1900, 1988, rev. ed., 1999; The Decline of Donnish Dominion, 1992, rev. ed., 1995; No Discouragement: An Autobiography, 1996; Education, Culture, Economy and Society, 1997; Twentieth Century British Social Trends, 2000. EDITOR: Trends in British Society since 1900, 1972; Educational Priority, 1972; Heredity and Environment, 1977. Address: Nuffield College, Oxford, England. Online address: [email protected]