Ginzburg, Moisei Yakovlevich

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Ginzburg, Moisei Yakovlevich (1892–1946). Born in Minsk, he was a pioneer Russian Constructivist and engineer. The author of Ritm v Arkhitektura (Rhythm in Architecture—1923) and Stil' i Epokha (Style and Epoch—1924), among other works, he founded with Vesnin the influential Soviet architectural journal Sovremennaye Arkhitektura (Contemporary Architecture) in 1926. From 1927 he specialized in mass-housing, building experimental blocks in Moscow (1928–9) and Sverdlovsk (1928–9). He was involved in avant-garde planning, notably the proposal for a linear Green City, Moscow (1930), and remained active in architecture and planning until his death.


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