Falconetto, Giovanni Maria

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Falconetto, Giovanni Maria (1468–1535). Verona-born architect and painter. His work suggests the Roman Classicism of Bramante and Raphael, and he was an important practitioner of the style in Northern Italy. His garden-houses, the Loggia Cornaro and Odeon (1524), now part of the Palazzo Giustiniani, Padua, pre-date designs by Palladio and Sansovino, yet have architectural characteristics of the later masters' works. He may have been the first to design a formal country villa, with his Villa dei Vescovi, Luvigliano, near Padua (c.1529–35), which has a sophisticated arched loggia of remarkable architectural quality. He designed the handsome town-gates (Porta di San Giovanni (1528) and Porta di Savonarola (1530))) and worked on the Cappella del Santo (from 1533) in the Church of Sant'Antonio, all in Padua.


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