Carmontelle, Louis Carrogis

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Carmontelle, Louis Carrogis, known as (1717–1806). French dilettante and designer of several gardens, including the jardin anglochinois Parc Monceau, Paris (1773–8), with its many diversions in the form of fabriques, including ‘ruins’, a ‘Dutch windmill’, a ‘Tartar tent’, and similar conceits. One of its most unusual features was the Bois des Tombeaux (Wood of Tombs) containing fabriques in the form of tombs (pyramids, etc.). Thomas Blaikie, the Scots landscape-gardener, was brought in (c.1781) to simplify Carmontelle's somewhat overladen scheme, but the work was an important catalyst in the transformation of the garden, embellished with monuments, to the cemetery.


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