Baerwald, Alexander

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Baerwald, Alexander (1877–1930). German architect. He designed the Technion University buildings (1912–24) and the Arthur Biram Reali School (1910–14), both in Haifa, essays in Historicism with a strong infusion of Islamic motifs and Jewish symbolism. He also designed numerous other buildings in Palestine, and was one of the first in C20 to bring acade-mically-based architecture into that country. His work included the Anglo-Palestine Bank (1924), a home for Hermann Struck (1876–1944), and several other buildings in Haifa. He assisted Ihne during the building of the Neo-Baroque Königliche Bibliothek, Berlin (1908–13—now the Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin), and designed several other works in the German capital. He settled in Palestine in 1925, and designed the Central Hospital, Afula (1928), and the Phillips House, Haifa (1929–30). As Professor of Architecture at the Technion he brought Prussian academic discipline and rigour to his adopted country.


Jane Turner (1996)