Baerwald, Moritz

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BAERWALD, MORITZ (1860–1919), German lawyer and politician. Baerwald was born in Thorn, West Prussia, and founded a law firm in Bromberg, Posen, where Jewish business and professional men constituted the nucleus of the urban bourgeoisie and enjoyed privileges not easily available to them elsewhere in Germany. Baerwald was elected to the board of attorneys, to the Bromberg city government, and to the Prussian Diet in 1912. In 1919 he was elected to the German National Assembly but, like all the other deputies from Posen, resigned when Posen was reincorporated in Poland. Baerwald was vice president of the assembly of representatives of the Jewish community of Bromberg.


Handbuch der Verfassunggebenden deutschen Nationalversammlung (1919).

[Ernest Hamburger]