Baer, Gabriel

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BAER, GABRIEL (1919–1982), historian. Born in Germany, Baer immigrated to Ereẓ Israel in 1933. His special field was the social history of the Middle East, particularly of Egypt, in modern times. A professor of Oriental Studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, he was awarded the Israel Prize in 1976. His books include A History of Landownership in Modern Egypt 18001950 (1962), Egyptian Guilds in Modern Times (1964), Population and Society in the Arab East (1964), Studies in the Social History of Modern Egypt (1969), and Fellah and Townsman in the Middle East: Studies in Social History (1982). Baer was also editor of two Middle Eastern quarterlies published in Jerusalem: Hamizrah Hehadash and Asian and African Studies.

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A list of Baer's published works appeared in Asian and African Studies, 17 (1983), 315–21. Obituaries: G.G. Gilbar, in: IJMES, 15, no. 1 (1983), 129–30; J.M. Landau, in: Der Islam, 41, no. 1 (1984), 8–9.

[Jacob M. Landau (2nd ed.)]