Baeck, Samuel

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BAECK, SAMUEL (1834–1912), German rabbi and scholar. Baeck, who was born in Kromau (Moravia), the son and grandson of rabbis, served as rabbi of Leipa (Bohemia) and Lissa (Lezno, Poland) and was active in German-Jewish communal affairs. He successfully advocated the teaching of Jewish religion in Prussian high schools, for which he wrote some textbooks. His Geschichte des juedischen Volkes und seiner Literatur … (1888) went into three editions. To J. Winter and A. Wuensche (eds.) Die juedische Literatur (1894–96) Baeck contributed the sections on the halakhic, homiletic, and other literature from the 15th to the 18th centuries (also separately printed, 1893). Leo *Baeck was his son.